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Slips & Falls

Slip and falls can be serious

The legal term for slip-and-fall accidents is premises liability suits. If you own property that poses an unreasonable danger to people who visit the premises, you are liable for the injuries that result.

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Slip-and-falls can be extremely serious, resulting in catastrophic brain injury or even death. Common examples include:

  • Slipping and falling on a wet floor at the mall
  • Tripping over the uneven or broken pavement in front of an office
  • Tripping or falling on irregular stairs or curbs
  • Tripping because lighting did not show the ground was uneven

In true slip-and-fall cases, the owner of the property could have prevented injury by taking reasonable precautions: putting up warning signs by the spill, providing security cameras in the parking ramp, replacing a light bulb, shoveling the snow from the walk, etc.

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The law says that we are responsible for the property we own and that we must make our premises reasonably safe, removing or repairing obvious hazards. When owners fail to meet this standard, they are liable for the medical bills you incur, plus time lost from work and other damages.

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