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Truck & Delivery
Vehicle Accidents

Large vehicles can cause big damage

Getting hit by a truck is different from getting hit by a car in two major ways:

  • In terms of physics, you are hit much harder than in a car-on-car collision. Truck accident injuries are much more likely to be catastrophic or fatal.
  • In terms of money, you are up against a business that knows how to cover up its mistakes and has lawyers who are skilled at minimizing your claims.

For these reasons, it is important to work with a lawyer who is experienced in the world of truck accidents. The attorneys at BrownLaw have obtained settlements and won judgments against major trucking firms and their insurance companies’ best defense lawyers.

Holding corporations responsible for 18-wheeler and delivery vehicle accidents caused by negligence

Commercial trucks are supposed to be in good working order. Crucial safety equipment like brakes, lights, and horns are supposed to work. Trucks are supposed to be loaded properly. Drivers are to be licensed and trained properly and to have decent safety records.

If our investigation shows that the trucking company did not take these responsibilities seriously, you have an excellent chance of collecting maximum compensation.

Talk to us, and let us be the judge of the strength of your case. Even if you contributed in a minor way to the accident, you may still deserve compensation.

Contact us to get started on your claim

We represent injured parties who have been struck by over-the-road haulers, delivery vehicles such as FedEx and UPS trucks, fleet vehicles, repair vehicles, buses — any kind of commercial vehicle. We cannot allow fleet owners and operators to endanger people who are just trying to get safely from place to place.

Talk to our lawyers for a free case evaluation at our Rochester, New Hampshire, offices at 603-332-3535 or write us a brief description of your truck accident.