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Motorcycle Accidents

Trauma on two wheels

People traveling in cars and trucks are protected by a reinforced steel outer shell, by seat belts, airbags, and other safety features. Cyclists have none of those things. It is just them, the motorcycle and the road.

No one should be surprised to hear that a collision at 20 mph will likely result in minor injuries for the automobile driver, but catastrophic injuries for the biker and passengers on the bike. Catastrophic injuries include burns, lacerations, amputations, brain damage and paralysis.

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Our job as your personal injury lawyer is to identify the party responsible for the injuries and to press for maximum compensation – for your medical care, for the financial setback of being unable to work, and for the pain and misery resulting from the injury.

For the living, we seek total compensation for the wrong done to them. In cases of motorcycle fatalities, we seek to compensate family members for all they have lost plus the cost of final arrangements.

Contact our firm to help you through this difficult time

Everyone involved in a motorcycle accident has questions that need answering. We invite you to call BrownLaw in Rochester. We have the answers, and we are eager to share them with you at this difficult time.

Call BrownLaw and ask for a no-charge, no-obligation case evaluation. You may be surprised to learn that compensation is possible even when you contributed in part to the accident.

Important: You should know that all personal injury law firms work on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t owe us anything until we produce positive results for you.