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Attempted theft and property crimes reported by homeowner

Attempted burglaries sometimes create the dangerous situation of strangers roaming through occupied residences. Attempts to commit theft and property crimes by entering into private residences happened at least twice in New Hampshire recently, according to the Atkinson Police Department. The police chief of that town reported an arrest recently of a 27-year-old male who absconded from a private home when confronted by the owner.

Theft and property crimes: Ex-employee of drug store arrested

When New Hampshire police make an arrest on theft charges, that individual may panic and say things that prosecutors can later use against the defendant in court. Nevertheless, an arrest is by no means a finding of guilt; rather, it represents the filing of formal charges. Allegations that the person was in possession of stolen items are just that -- allegations. A lot must happen before an accused individual can be convicted of theft and property crimes.

Ring of theft & property crimes spreads to New Hampshire

Since security does not always keep up with technology, identity theft is a possibility against which many people take precautions. However, some residents of New Hampshire may be unknowingly involved in an organized system of theft & property crimes that begins with stolen identities. One man who was arrested recently may lead police to a crime ring covering several states.

Premises liability is based on negligence principles

The widow and son of a man beaten to death in the parking lot of an NFL football team is suing the football team for not providing appropriate security for the man while he was leaving the game and trying to find his car in the parking lot. The decedent mistakenly got into the wrong SUV and was attacked by a crowd of people, including the owner of the vehicle. This type of an action for monetary damages is called a premises liability claim in New Hampshire and all other states.

Charges of theft & property crimes: Building a strong defense

Being accused of a crime in New Hampshire can be an embarrassing and stressful event in a person's life. Depending on the circumstances, a person's private and business reputation may be at stake due to the situation. Those accused of theft & property crimes are advised to seek immediate legal assistance to build a strong and aggressive defense in light of the charges against them.

Protecting a child facing charges stemming from property crimes

Young people make mistakes, there is no denying that. Teenagers in particular have the proclivity for getting in trouble. They take risks, make some unwise decisions, break the rules and test boundaries because they often don't know better and fail to fully appreciate the consequences of such actions.

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