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What are some ways to defend against theft charges?

When someone has accused you of theft, there are numerous possible criminal defense strategies that exist. Exactly how your defense strategy is crafted depends on unique factors such as the evidence in the case, a history of criminal convictions on either your part or the accuser's part, and the history of the local court in dealing with such cases. Because you can't know all of these things yourself, working with a professional can help you craft a stronger defense.

Fire chief from New Hampshire ends up behind bars

A fire chief from New Hampshire was accused of embezzling money, and he has recently pleaded guilty. According to the plea, the amount taken was in excess of $200,000. He has now been told he has to pay the money back, and he is also going to have to spend at least three years in jail.

Dogs are among the top stolen items many people don't expect

When many people think about theft in New Hampshire, they think of the theft of cash or expensive items from within the home, such as televisions, guns or computers. However, there are a number of items that are stolen very often that most people don't expect, and the family dog ranks very highly on that list.

Theft could be a misunderstanding

Are you facing theft charges in New Hampshire over something that is actually just a misunderstanding? Perhaps you had permission to go into someone's home or apartment and borrow a few items, but the person's roommates didn't know about it and called the police. Perhaps you thought you were allowed to take something home from work but only found out after doing so that your boss thought you were stealing from the company.

Why is identity theft a federal crime in New Hampshire?

Identity theft has not always been a federal crime, and the government did not take steps to make it so until 1998. In the Internet era, where online identity theft is such a large concern, this may come as a surprise to some. What caused the government to take this step?

Theft and property crimes in New Hampshire

Any criminal accusation can affect a family on many levels, and it can destroy the reputation of the person charged. Finances can be compromised. Jobs might be lost. An arrest for theft and property crime should never be taken lightly.

Very different cases for theft charges

If you are facing theft charges in New Hampshire, it's important for you to know the specifics of those charges. When most people think about theft, they think of shoplifting or perhaps breaking into a home while the homeowners are away. While these are examples of theft, the reality is that there is a vast array of different situations that can lead to theft charges, and they can also lead to very different cases.

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