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Slip-and-falls cause added risk to health of elderly people

New Hampshire residents suffer serious injuries from slip-and-fall accidents. Elderly residents have a particularly high risk of falling and possibly an increased danger of not recovering as well as their younger counterparts.

Property owners may incur premises liability for lax maintenance

New Hampshire law follows the general rule that a property owner may be liable for personal injuries to visitors and invitees on the property. They may be there as invitees to conduct business or go shopping, or they may otherwise have express or implied permission to be on the premises. They also may be residents of a development. This area of tort law is called premises liability.

Premises liability lawsuit filed against Walt Disney Parks

Owners of theme parks in New Hampshire and elsewhere are responsible for the safety of their facilities. There are many ways in which visitors to the parks can be injured, and every one of those must be anticipated, with precautions put in place to prevent harm. Failing to address even one dangerous area can lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

McDonald's sued for premises liability after alleged assault

Property owners and their tenants in New Hampshire must maintain premises that will provide reasonable safety to visitors. Store owners or managers who fail to protect the safety of customers can expect to face premises liability lawsuits. This is what happened after an alleged assault at a branch of McDonald's in another state.

Drunk driving cause of 3-car accident, according to police

Anytime one is involved in a car accident, New Hampshire law enforcement officers investigate what happened in an attempt to determine the facts and decide who or what ultimately caused the accident. As a part of this investigation, they analyze the accident site. In addition to this analysis, they talk to and observe those involved in an attempt to determine if drunk driving was a contributing factor.

Worker may have premises liability claim for non-work injuries

Most states, including New Hampshire, follow similar negligence principles in defining when a landowner is liable for damages to visitors injured on the owner's premises. When an employee is injured on the employer's premises, there may be an occasional dispute over whether workers' compensation covers the matter. If the employee was not working at the time of the accident, workers' comp will be ruled out, but the employee may nonetheless be able to make a claim for full tort damages under the legal theory of premises liability.

Premises liability decision granted in favor of injured tenant

Slip-and-fall cases in New Hampshire are part of the general category of personal injury claims that are referred to as premises liability claims. These cases generally relate to an owner's negligence over a dangerous condition that exists on the property, which results in personal injury to someone who is properly on the property. Sometimes, premises liability pertains to not providing sufficient security for business visitors who are on the property to shop or do business. A claim arises when that visitor suffers personal injury from the tortious and/or criminal actions of unauthorized third parties.

Premises liability case claims Walmart fell down on the job

Walmart remains one of the largest retail superstores anywhere in the country. The company has locations throughout the United States, including here in New Hampshire. With so many locations, it might not be surprising to hear that the retail giant faces a premises liability claim from a woman who suffered a slip-and-fall accident two years ago at a location in her area.

Premises liability does not extend to adjoining roadways

Can a business in New Hampshire or another state be held liable for not providing enough parking? Where a customer was killed walking to his car across a state highway after leaving a concert venue in an adjacent building, was the landowner liable to the deceased concert-goer?  One state appellate court has recently ruled that the business is not liable because there is no legal duty owed under premises liability law by the landowner to the business invitee.

Premises liability can follow slip or trip and fall accidents

According to the law, property owners in New Hampshire must take responsibility for the safety of any property where the public is allowed. Such facilities must be reasonably safe and free of obvious hazards. If any known hazards exist, it must be repaired or removed, or else, property owners must post clearly visible warning signs. Failing to take due care can lead to premises liability lawsuits.

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