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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

How to spot an aggressive driver

As you navigate the New Hampshire roadways alongside other motorists, you may run across people who are driving recklessly and aggressively. In fact, AAA reported that nearly 80 percent of motorists in the United States admit to aggressive driving at some point in their lives. Whether people are late to an important meeting or are simply experiencing a challenging day, they may get frustrated when faced with traffic and other drivers. Road rage can be hazardous to you and to other drivers on the road. Not only does reckless aggressive driving lead to motor vehicle accidents, but it can also lead to injuries and fatalities.

How can I stop my teen from distracted driving?

Distracted driving is a serious issue in New Hampshire, especially for teens. As a result, many parents worry that their children will be involved in a crash, which can sometimes have devastating consequences. Geico offers the following tips, which help parents discuss distracted driving with their teens.

Giving big rigs extra room can help you avoid a crash

New Hampshire roadways can be a maze of potholes, slick spots and no-shoulder curves. While these conditions can be challenging for any driver, they can have catastrophic results for big rig drivers who disregard safety measures.  At The Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates, our team has experience representing clients injured in a big truck crash due to reckless driving.

Do rural or urban accidents claim more pedestrian lives?

Some people may think that fatal pedestrian accidents are far less common in rural areas for a number of reasons. For example, they may assume that traffic is less hectic and that drivers, as well as pedestrians, will be able to pay better attention to the road and avoid an accident. However, these types of accidents can claim the lives of pedestrians anywhere there is traffic, and many lives have been lost in rural areas over the years.

What should I do if involved in a hit and run?

It can happen when you least expect it; one moment you’re tooling along and the next you’re involved in an accident and the responsible party has fled the scene. While this can be an extremely frustrating experience there are steps you can take to mitigate the damage. State Farm recommends the following advice in this case, which will help both you and your vehicle remain protected after a hit and run.

Driving while drowsy: an under-reported danger

We’ve reported extensively in previous posts on the dangers associated with distracted driving. For most of us, when we think about distracted driving behaviors, our minds immediately turn to activities involving our smartphones. Indeed, texting, calling and surfing the web while driving are all extremely risky—and these activities result in a growing number of car accidents each year.

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