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Man arrested on 2 felonies for allegedly burglarizing businesses

Nashua police charged a New Hampshire resident with a pair of burglaries that they say he committed in June and July. The police did not reveal the details of the alleged felonies and the press reports do not say what evidence the police have to implicate the suspect in the crimes. It is unclear whether there were outstanding warrants out on the man prior to his arrest recently by authorities.

Man charged with felonies for alleged threats against woman

Threatening to cut a person's head off can result in a serious criminal charge in New Hampshire. Making such statements, however, may not indicate criminal intent but could merely be a bad case of indigestion leading to a grumpy disposition. The criminality of such an alleged threat is determined by the circumstances in which it is made. The surrounding facts must show the suspect's criminal intent to carry out a true crime and to thus commit the felonies with which he is charged. 

Man, his mother, charged with attempted murder, other felonies

Domestic disputes among New Hampshire residents can be so rancorous that a participant may occasionally get upset enough to want to have the other person eliminated. This can lead to a host of felonies being committed and charged against the accused perpetrator. Prison sentences in such matters are not lenient.

Felonies: Man charged with attempted murder in alleged attack

In New Hampshire and all other states, it is basic in our system of criminal law that an accused is protected by the presumption of innocence until and unless proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This applies to misdemeanors as well as felonies, and it is mandatory even where guilt may appear to be overwhelming. This is necessary to assure that everyone is treated fairly and not deprived of their freedom without substantial proof presented in a court of law.

Woman who gets playground grant charged with felonies

Identity theft and/or fraudulent identity can lead to a variety of illegal results that may violate New Hampshire and federal laws. Few of these cases contain mixed motives on the part of the identity thief, but one such scenario surfaced recently in New Hampshire when the Nashua police arrested a woman for the felonies of identity fraud and being a fugitive from justice. The accused allegedly masqueraded as a Harvard-trained grant writer in an attempt to access funds from the city of Nashua.

Felonies alleged against physician for drug company kickbacks

New Hampshire prosecutors are increasing their efforts to stop the rising epidemic of opioids in the state. The Acting U.S. Attorney recently announced the arrest of a physician's assistant on charges that he received payments from a drug company in return for prescribing a fentanyl-based spray to patients in the alleged violation of federal law. Authorities have charged him with several felonies relating to the kickback charges.

Corrections officer faces drug felonies

When drug crimes take place within a New Hampshire correctional facility, those under suspicion may be subject to intense scrutiny. Because law enforcement agents are held to higher standards of behavior, they may face harsher penalties if convicted of felonies within a detention center or prison. After being arrested for drug crimes within the facility, one man is now in custody at the same jail where he worked.

Thefts over $1,000 are class A felonies in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire theft is a serious crime. If the amount taken is over $1,000, the offense is charged as felony theft. It is a Class A felony, which can carry a sentence of imprisonment up to 15 years. Where the amount is over $1,000 but not substantially more than that amount, it may appear harsh to classify such a crime with far more serious felonies.

Man arrested on felonies is charged in 6 bank robberies

Identification is generally an important issue in many bank robbery prosecutions here in New Hampshire and elsewhere. Those who rob banks usually make some effort to disguise themselves. In the recent arrest of a man for several felonies associated with his allegedly committing six recent bank robberies in two states, however, published photos show no apparent disguise. They are allegedly relevant to identification of the robber, but there is no indication by the photos of anything other than a normal bank transaction between a man and a teller.

Woman is extradited to New Hampshire to face drug felonies

When an accused individual does not appear for a scheduled criminal court date in New Hampshire, he or she is considered a fugitive. Usually, a bench warrant or other court order is issued by the criminal court overseeing the prosecution, and law enforcement authorities will put the fugitive warrant and information into their system for tracking and finding fugitives. When the alleged offenses are for felonies, the matter is given more serious attention, and the hunt for the accused may take place on a nationwide level.

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