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Drunk Driving Archives

Man going wrong way on I-93 arrested for drunk driving

In New Hampshire and elsewhere, one of the most dangerous violations a driver can make is to enter and travel on an interstate highway in the wrong direction. This is nearly always a result of negligent and even reckless driving. When the driver is also engaging in drunk driving, the consequences almost always lead to horrific tragedy.

Police charge driver in one-car collision with drunk driving

New Hampshire authorities are often tipped off to the possibility of impaired driving when they investigate a reported accident. The circumstances may indicate that the operator did not use due care and thus caused the events to occur. However, where the operator is seriously injured, the investigative process of gathering evidence of drunk driving may be partially obstructed. In such situations, police may not in the end have enough evidence to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Man arrested for drunk driving after a one-vehicle rollover

Many arrests for impaired driving in New Hampshire are made after a suspect is involved in a single-vehicle accident. Such events are often reported quickly, especially where there has been obvious property damage. The police are called to the scene and make an investigation. They will observe the driver for signs of impairment. If they smell alcohol or observe untoward movements or slurred speech by the suspect, further procedures are followed and an arrest for drunk driving may be made.

State's House votes for bill to stop drunk driving checkpoints

Sobriety checkpoints have been a way of life in New Hampshire and most other states for many years, especially after the U.S. Supreme Court approved their constitutionality under certain restricted circumstances. However, some states are coming around to the conclusion that these law enforcement tactics are counter-productive, expensive and that they have done nothing to curb drunk driving. That way of thinking has taken over the state's House of Representatives, which recently voted to approve a bill that will prohibit sobriety checkpoints from being conducted in the state.

Man in truck near crash scene, arrested for drunk driving

New Hampshire drunk driving offenses consist of many different and bizarre scenarios. One common set of facts in drunk driving cases is where the driver exits the vehicle after an accident or collision and leaves the scene on foot. When that person is the titled owner of the vehicle, leaving doesn't provide much protection or solace from future grief.

Several coincidences mark simultaneous drunk driving arrests

Police in New Hampshire who work the early morning shift sometimes encounter some very strange coincidences and oddball events, especially those associated with DUI arrests.  For example, on Sunday morning, Feb. 11 at about 1:30 a.m., police and fire departments in Pelham responded to two separate incidents of alleged drunk driving, one-vehicle crashes that occurred nearly simultaneously. The oddity of the occurrences was that in each case, the driver exited the vehicle and fled on foot.

Drunk driving in the wrong direction is an invitation to trouble

Drunk driving in the wrong direction in New Hampshire is an invitation to trouble and possible tragic consequences. The chances for getting into an accident under those conditions are extremely high. At about 1 a.m. on Jan. 25, the Salem police stopped a driver who was traveling in the wrong direction on Rockingham Park Boulevard, per police statements. The police arrested the man for drunk driving after examining his condition, they claim.

Police say woman was felony drunk driving in fatal accident

New Hampshire State Police were busy this past New Years Eve with the expected increase in traffic accidents. One of those incidents that included a fatality occurred in the town of Milton at about 10 p.m. A 58-year-old East Wakefield man died when the car he was riding in lost control, rolled over and ejected him from the vehicle. Police later charged the driver with felony aggravated drunk driving.

Man accused of drunk driving, theft and causing several crashes

In New Hampshire and all states, driving while under the influence carries punishments that increase as the severity and number of offenses occur. When people are injured or killed by a drunk driving suspect, the punishment will be enhanced exponentially. The same regimen of increasing penalties generally exists in all state statutes covering these areas of the criminal law.

Repetitive drunk driving offenses require a term of imprisonment

Repetitive drunk driving convictions in New Hampshire will likely lead to a significant sentence of imprisonment. In such cases, defense counsel has a challenging and difficult job, due to the drunk driving laws that call for understandably more serious punishment for repetitive violations. If the accused obtains the services of an experienced DUI attorney early after an offense is charged, there are several defenses that may be available to possibly keep the cumulative effect of multiple convictions to a minimum.

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