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Police say woman was felony drunk driving in fatal accident

New Hampshire State Police were busy this past New Years Eve with the expected increase in traffic accidents. One of those incidents that included a fatality occurred in the town of Milton at about 10 p.m. A 58-year-old East Wakefield man died when the car he was riding in lost control, rolled over and ejected him from the vehicle. Police later charged the driver with felony aggravated drunk driving.

Man accused of drunk driving, theft and causing several crashes

In New Hampshire and all states, driving while under the influence carries punishments that increase as the severity and number of offenses occur. When people are injured or killed by a drunk driving suspect, the punishment will be enhanced exponentially. The same regimen of increasing penalties generally exists in all state statutes covering these areas of the criminal law.

Repetitive drunk driving offenses require a term of imprisonment

Repetitive drunk driving convictions in New Hampshire will likely lead to a significant sentence of imprisonment. In such cases, defense counsel has a challenging and difficult job, due to the drunk driving laws that call for understandably more serious punishment for repetitive violations. If the accused obtains the services of an experienced DUI attorney early after an offense is charged, there are several defenses that may be available to possibly keep the cumulative effect of multiple convictions to a minimum.

Prosecutor accused of drunk driving forced to resign summarily

New Hampshire prosecutors have a zero-tolerance policy toward prosecuting attorneys who have been arrested for DWI. Witness the case of an assistant prosecutor in the Rockingham County Attorney's Office who was recently arrested for drunk driving. The County Attorney's Office issued a statement saying in effect that the 36-year-old man was compelled to submit his resignation.

A drunk driving conviction can ruin a person's future

When a New Hampshire driver is arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, the steps he or she must take to defend the charges can determine the impact on his or her future. Having a criminal record can affect an individual's ability to secure a job, be approved for a rental apartment and more. The impact can be more severe if it is a second or subsequent drunk driving offense.

Alleged drunk driving perp was reckless, tried to evade cops

One type of drunk driver in New Hampshire  has no interest in hiding his/her inebriation. He or she does not try to hide anything, and in fact usually makes the police engage in a chase prior to conceding to an arrest for drunk driving. A 26-year-old woman from Strafford apparently did just that recently when police responded to a call of an erratic driver.

Mother faces 2 drunk driving offenses within 24 hours

As the number of DUI convictions rises on a person's record, the punishment becomes more drastic. When one is arrested for drunk driving with a minor passenger in the vehicle, the potential punishment similarly increases. This could become a problem for a 36-year-old mother who was arrested twice in New Hampshire within 24 hours for DWI. On the second arrest, she allegedly had her infant daughter in the vehicle.

Suspected drunk driving stop is justified only with good cause

Drunk driving is an offense that keeps New Hampshire law enforcement authorities busy on a daily basis. Generally, the police must observe some irregularity before pulling over an operator of a vehicle. Prior to questioning or testing the accused for drunk driving, the police must have at least a reasonable suspicion that the offense was being committed. 

20-year-old charged with drunk driving after rollover crash

Following an early morning crash in Madbury, a young man is facing criminal charges. New Hampshire State Police say a 20-year-old man is now facing drunk driving charges. Reportedly, the accident involved only one vehicle, and the driver was the sole occupant of that car.

Drunk driving charge often starts with a traffic violation stop

Most drunk driving arrests are not accompanied by dramatic police pursuits through the streets of a New Hampshire town, although admittedly that kind of aberration is being reported more often in recent months and years. Most drunk driving arrests, however, stem from relatively routine traffic violations. The probable cause to arrest a vehicle operator comes only in the aftermath of a traffic stop, which is usually quite routine at first.

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