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2 neighbors fight over snow, now they need a criminal defense

Even in New Hampshire people are not always as neighborly as one would like. Most of the time, it is common to see neighbors helping each other dig out of wicked snow storms, helping get their vehicles started, lending snow-blowers and even shoveling the neighbor's walkway out of pure kindness and goodwill. That is not, however, how it came down between two neighbors recently in Pelham, and that is why they are each now likely to be looking for criminal defense counsel to guide them out of the trouble they allegedly generated.

Criminal defense may be tough sell for social media suspect

The addition of online social media to many people's daily activities adds a level of complexity that does not always lead to an enriching experience. That is probably how one might describe the story of two young men in New Hampshire who recently had a run-in on social media. It seems that the argument was so aggravating that a 23-year-old man from Nashua showed up at the doorstep of a 22-year-old male's home in Manchester with a gun and a readiness to duel it out. That man is now looking for criminal defense counsel to help him out of the predicament that his alleged excesses appear to have created.

Novel criminal defense may be needed to alleged bizarre events

Some reported crimes are difficult to understand. One such inexplicable series of events occurred in New Hampshire recently when a 54-year-old woman called the Nashua Police Department and announced that a man had been fatally shot in her home. When the police responded, instead of directing them to the body, she instead led them on a 20-mile chase before they apprehended and arrested her. The accused will likely need a novel criminal defense when her counsel tries to make some sense of what happened and why.

Bill seeks to strengthen criminal defense to unjust prosecution

A bill filed in the New Hampshire House for 2018 requires courts to inform juries in criminal cases of their right to return a not guilty verdict when a guilty verdict would cause an unfair, unjust result. HB1443, which would be a significant expansion of criminal defense rights,  has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee. The 2018 session will begin on Jan. 3.

Registered sex offender may have criminal defense to allegations

The enforcement of the laws against sex offenders represents a major resource that is required by police departments across the country and in New Hampshire. They must, in many cases, monitor the whereabouts and activities of registered sex offenders and devote the resources necessary to oversee their status, which is similar to providing a probation system for sex offenders. Before conviction, of course, resources must be provided for the criminal defense of all individuals charged with serious criminal wrongdoing.

Students should not ignore alcohol transport laws

Let us say that you are a college student on your way home from an off-campus party. You are giving a lift to one of your fraternity brothers and his girlfriend who are in the back seat. A law enforcement officer pulls you over for an infraction, such as a broken tail light on your car. You forget about the six-pack of beer propped on the passenger seat -- until the officer notices it.

Criminal defense: New Hampshire law protects unborn fetuses

New Hampshire drivers may want to take note of recently signed legislation that the state legislature recently passed. The new law aims to provide justice to any family who loses an unborn child in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver. It may also serve to give some sense of closure to parents after such a devastating loss. Anybody accused of causing an accident that killed an unborn child will likely need a skilled criminal defense attorney in his or her corner.

Criminal defense topics: The problem with DWI checkpoints

Ordinarily, arbitrary roadblocks violate the Fourth Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution. This applies to people here in New Hampshire and those across the country. However, the U.S. Supreme Court carved out an exception for DUI or DWI checkpoints based on the need to preserve public safety. The problem that criminal defense attorneys see, however, is that people who are not accused of those crimes could be arrested as well.

Alleged flasher may have criminal defense to assault charges

New Hampshire law may at least partially recognize the difference between a true sexual predator and a person who suffers from a mental illness that creates uncontrollable public behavior. Generally, flashers do their thing in public; they may shock the victim, but they rarely inflict true or lasting harm on anyone.  However, due to the uncontrollable urges, a flasher may develop a long record of violations, and he may tend to forego a criminal defense to the charges in many instances.

A criminal defense may be viable for accused former principal

Elderly persons in New Hampshire and elsewhere can commonly become embroiled in fighting the demons of depression and depressive disorder. It may happen to a distinguished public servant or to a homeless person with an affliction of chronic depression. Recently, police in Windham responded to a woman who called to say that her husband was depressed. Before police left the residence, they had arrested the man, who must now determine whether he has a criminal defense to the charges.  

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