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Are online pranks illegal?

Many online influencers and entertainers perform pranks to appeal to their viewers. While some of these instances are considered to be in good fun, in other cases they may lead to injury, property damage, and even harsh legal reprisal. The New York Times explains when a prank crosses the line into a crime.

Portsmouth man arrested after firing at fleeing "intruder"

A common response to any accusations of criminal behavior leveled against Rochester residents may be that the supposed perpetrator thought that it was justified. This may cause many to roll their eyes in disbelief, yet people may indeed be encountered with situations where they or their loved ones feel threatened. For example, there may be scenarios where the law does indeed permit people to use force against another who is deemed threatening. People's perceptions of threats, however, may vary, which is why it is left to the law to set a standard definition. 

Is assault a misdemeanor or a felony in New Hampshire?

Assault generally refers to hurting another person. However, New Hampshire law treats different actions and levels of harm as different offenses. The type of assault charge you are facing determines whether the offense is a violation, a misdemeanor or a felony.

Woman arrested for trespass may have a valid criminal defense

New Hampshire laws protect property owners from trespass by strangers and anyone without permission to be on private property. That sometimes clashes with the needs of the homeless who try to find somewhere to go and be protected from the elements. It is difficult to attribute criminal intent to someone who has been evicted for financial reasons from a rental premises but who goes back to find a place to rest in the hope of not being caught. There may be a valid criminal defense in some circumstances. 

Does filmmaker have a criminal defense to vandalism charge?

In New Hampshire and elsewhere, some criminal arrests are hard to decipher when motive and proof are not immediately apparent. On the surface, there is no reason or motive for the Chairman of the Manchester Arts Commission to have vandalized a wall in the town's city hall on the morning of March 1 just after leaving a meeting with the mayor. However, the Manchester Police arrested the 54-year-old local filmmaker for criminal mischief a few days later, claiming that a city camera caught the incident on video. The Union Leader then posted the video on You Tube, but replays show no apparent untoward behavior, raising the question whether he will present a criminal defense to the charge.  

Does minor arrested for school threats have a criminal defense?

Nearly all of the states, including New Hampshire, have seen no shortage of young people talking about shooting up their high school or other educational institutions. The statistics of how many shootings have already occurred in schools are staggering. Some criminal defense attorneys are learning a new specialty literally through a process of on-the-job training. The most recent allegations of a threat against a school were uncovered in Exeter and police were able to avert what they allege was a potential disaster.

2 neighbors fight over snow, now they need a criminal defense

Even in New Hampshire people are not always as neighborly as one would like. Most of the time, it is common to see neighbors helping each other dig out of wicked snow storms, helping get their vehicles started, lending snow-blowers and even shoveling the neighbor's walkway out of pure kindness and goodwill. That is not, however, how it came down between two neighbors recently in Pelham, and that is why they are each now likely to be looking for criminal defense counsel to guide them out of the trouble they allegedly generated.

Criminal defense may be tough sell for social media suspect

The addition of online social media to many people's daily activities adds a level of complexity that does not always lead to an enriching experience. That is probably how one might describe the story of two young men in New Hampshire who recently had a run-in on social media. It seems that the argument was so aggravating that a 23-year-old man from Nashua showed up at the doorstep of a 22-year-old male's home in Manchester with a gun and a readiness to duel it out. That man is now looking for criminal defense counsel to help him out of the predicament that his alleged excesses appear to have created.

Novel criminal defense may be needed to alleged bizarre events

Some reported crimes are difficult to understand. One such inexplicable series of events occurred in New Hampshire recently when a 54-year-old woman called the Nashua Police Department and announced that a man had been fatally shot in her home. When the police responded, instead of directing them to the body, she instead led them on a 20-mile chase before they apprehended and arrested her. The accused will likely need a novel criminal defense when her counsel tries to make some sense of what happened and why.

Bill seeks to strengthen criminal defense to unjust prosecution

A bill filed in the New Hampshire House for 2018 requires courts to inform juries in criminal cases of their right to return a not guilty verdict when a guilty verdict would cause an unfair, unjust result. HB1443, which would be a significant expansion of criminal defense rights,  has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee. The 2018 session will begin on Jan. 3.

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