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Car accidents could be prevented by driverless technology

There are many reasonable doubts expressed about cars that are operated by artificial intelligence and the so-called "driverless" vehicles. Some in New Hampshire would say that artificially operated vehicles can get internally confused at times, just by virtue of not having the decades of wisdom that comes from real experience. Nonetheless, if artificial intelligence could operate a person's vehicle, then factors like impairment, sleepiness, texting distractions and similar causes of car accidents would be nearly eliminated.

Car accidents can overshadow New Year's Eve revelries

New Year's Eve can be a night of stark contrasts. The height of revelry can end in darkness and destruction when car accidents intrude to deflect the evening's normally good tidings. That was the unfortunate reality for a 58-year-old male passenger in a car at about 10 p.m. on Sunday evening. The New Hampshire State Police say that the driver of the car lost control on Route 125 in Milton, rolling the car over and ejecting the passenger, who was declared deceased at the scene.

Car accidents in bad weather may still be caused by negligence

New Hampshire began its winter season in recent weeks with some bad weather and some gruesome accidents. In one incident on I-93, a tractor-trailer crushed the rear of a car that was stopped in a driving lane of the icy highway. The truck driver reportedly slid on ice and could not stop his vehicle in time to avoid the collision. Car accidents under bad weather conditions do not excuse negligent, at-fault drivers from monetary liability.

Car accidents on snow-filled roads can be negligently caused

Snow started falling in New Hampshire on Dec. 9 and brought along with it numerous vehicle crashes. It may seem that no motorist can be negligent in causing an accident in slippery, snowy weather, but that is just not true. Car accidents during inclement weather are often the subject of personal injury claims made against negligent drivers.

Car accidents with police car follow general rules for recovery

Vehicular accidents in New Hampshire sometimes include police officers as participants. If the officer is injured due to the negligence of a private party, he or she will have the right, just like any other victim, to assert a claim for personal injury damages against the negligent driver. Such car accidents, however, do generally first have to account for the potential workers' compensation claims of the injured officer.

Car accidents continue to take their toll in New Hampshire

Another serious one-car accident occurred in New Hampshire last week as two women were seriously injured when their vehicle crashed into a utility pole. The incident occurred in Brentwood at about 5:15 p.m., according to a police spokesperson. The cause of the accident was not reported, but the police stated that they are continuing to investigate. In many car accidents, the police cannot immediately report on the cause prior to the analysis of forensic evidence and blood reports.

Drivers must carefully avoid car accidents in crosswalks

An elderly pedestrian using a crosswalk at 5 p.m. in a New Hampshire intersection should not be at great risk for being run over by a car. Unfortunately, car accidents involving pedestrians who are hit in crosswalks happen regularly. In the latest incident, a 65-year-old man who was in a crosswalk at the intersection of Main and Linden Streets in Rochester on Nov. 9, was hit by a car traveling through the intersection. The man was found lying on the road near the crosswalk; he was hospitalized with undisclosed injuries.

Driver is liable to passenger in one-vehicle car accidents

A relatively easy type of accident for police in New Hampshire and elsewhere to analyze for causation is the one-car crash. This becomes less true when the driver is not available to explain the occurrence because he or she was an actual fatality in the mishap. The task may be somewhat more difficult in car accidents when there were one or more passengers who also died in the crash.

Car accidents may involve multiple insurance recoveries

The New Hampshire State Police reported an accident that occurred recently on Interstate 95 South in North Hampton. An off-duty police officer from a neighboring state was operating a motorcycle southbound on I-95 when he was hit head-on by a northbound car that crossed the median. The officer was seriously injured and is currently in critical condition at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, according to police reports. In car accidents with serious injuries, the victim's family will best protect the injured person's rights by consulting immediately with an experienced personal injury attorney. 

Car accidents involving crossover usually caused by negligence

Crossover accidents are common in New Hampshire and nationwide. A crossover occurs whenever an operator loses control of his or her vehicle and crosses over the median directly into oncoming traffic. The crossover operator may suffer from impairment or may have been distracted. He or she may have also fallen asleep at the wheel. In car accidents of this kind, the crossover operator is nearly always deemed to have been negligent in operating the vehicle without having control over it.

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