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Bit by a dog? Your right to compensation for your injuries

Dogs can inflict serious injuries, especially on children. According to the University of Minnesota, approximately 370,000 people face serious injury from aggressive dogs per year, and nearly 50% occur to children under 14 years old. You want to protect your children from harm, and although you took precautionary measures, an aggressive attack gave your children serious injuries.

Under New Hampshire law, you can seek valuable compensation for injuries related to dog bites, both physical and psychological. Know that if you or your child faced injuries – whether life-threatening or easily overcome – a court may rule that you deserve reimbursement for various costs. When working toward receiving your compensation and recovering from injuries, you may wish to hire an experienced personal injury attorney to help you in fighting for your or your child’s right to damages.

An owner’s liability and compensatory damages

New Hampshire’s “Dog Bite Law” indicates that that the owner of a dog proves liable for the dog’s actions no matter in what premises the dog bite occurs. He or she should take all precautionary measures to protect victims should a dog indicate aggressive behavior.

If the owner of a dog brings the animal outside of his or her property, and the dog injures an individual, the owner will hold responsibility. Even if you and your family were the guests of the dog owner and entered their legal property by invitation, the owner will still prove liable for the dog’s actions.

If you or your child faces a dog bite injury, you may obtain compensation for the following expenses.

  • Emergency medical care
  • Long-term medical care
  • Prescription medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Psychological trauma (PTSD)
  • Damage to property
  • Loss of work for a caretaker

To protect you or your child from dog bites, you may wish to utilize the following tactics.

  1. Never enter another’s property unless invited.
  2. Do not pet a dog you do not know.
  3. Ask the owner, if present, if you may pet their dog.
  4. Ensure safe surroundings by keeping an eye on your child.
  5. Teach your child use caution when dealing with dogs.
  6. Do not pet a dog that seems nervous or upset.

Every dog bite case is different, so in order to obtain accurate compensation, you want to speak with an attorney immediately after seeking medical attention for you or your child to determine your circumstances. Know that if you or your child faces injury, you may have a right to a personal injury claim.

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