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Prepare for great autumn rides

The days are getting shorter and the air is starting to cool – summer is on its way out. Before too long the trees will be collages of oranges, reds, yellows, blues and magentas. As a motorcycle enthusiast, you know that this is one of the best times of year to get your bike out on the back roads.

Autumn brings a totally new set of hazards with it for motorcyclists. Before you fill up the gas tank and head out for the year’s last few rides, be sure you know the new risks you may be facing.

New Season, New Hazards

Morning rides feel completely different when the air is damp and crisp. Cruises lit by sunset take on new life when fall colors zip by. Our beautiful state’s winding country roads are certainly inviting to bike riders or all types and skill levels, but don’t forget to prepare for autumn conditions.

  • Leaves – Dried leaves loosely fill potholes and cover fissures in roads. Remember that it may be exhilarating to plow through piles of leaves, but you don’t know what they’re covering. Additionally, autumn drizzle and condensation from shifting temperatures dampen leaves and can make them as slippery is wet tile.
  • Less light – The days are only going to get shorter from here out. Many riders are caught off guard by how quickly the sun goes down in mid-to-late autumn. The last thing you want is to find yourself in total darkness on a country road, far from home. Check what time sunset is before each ride and plan accordingly.
  • Glare – The sun will be lower in the sky in the coming months which will kick up more impactful glares as a result. Couple that with the sun going down earlier and you can expect the sun to be in your eyes much more than you may be used to. Bring eye protection to keep your vision clear every time you ride.
  • Animals – The creatures of the forest know that winter is approaching. Deer and other animals will be migrating, foraging and generally be more active. Take extra precautions when driving on roads flanked by woods and refrain from speeding. You never know when a 100+ pound deer might jump into the road.
  • Frost and ice – Frost comes early to New Hampshire. Parts of the state regularly get their first frosts as early as late August, while the majority of us will see theirs by mid-September. Remember that frost is a form of ice and negotiating a frosty curve at speed can be downright dangerous.
  • Low population – For less serious riders, motorcycle season ends with the summer. Similarly, tourist attractions close when school starts again. You are going to be much more isolated on your rides now, so being risk adverse is a wise choice. A nasty spill can lead to broken bones or worse and there’s no telling when help may happen by.

Autumn is a beautiful time for our wonderful state – get out and enjoy it. Be sure to stay safe and keep in mind that with each new season comes new safety considerations.

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