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February 2018 Archives

Bill for annulment of past marijuana drug charges passes House

A bill is making its way through the New Hampshire House and Senate that will allow persons convicted of possssing three-quarters of an ounce or less of marijuana to have their criminal record annulled. The House already overwhelmingly voted 314-24 to pass HB 1477. On Sept. 16, the new law eliminating criminal drug charges for the same amount of marijuana went into effect.

Workers' compensation carrier funds study on work injuries

A recent university health center research study raises questions nationwide, and in New Hampshire, regarding women who suffer mental and behavioral health symptoms. The study reports that those women are more prone to having a work injury than men who suffer the same mental or emotional limitations. In general, men do have a higher incidence of workplace injuries, but they are not swayed in that direction by mental health factors.

Early reports of car accidents may not give an accurate picture

Preliminary newspaper reports of highway accidents in New Hampshire and elsewhere are not authoritative. What is reported in early, cursory news articles about the occurrence of car accidents, including how an event occurred and the extent of injuries described, is often the result of hurried reporting without having the benefit of detailed investigative facts. Rank hearsay of so-called witnesses may even creep into the more cursory articles that one reads in the media.

Does minor arrested for school threats have a criminal defense?

Nearly all of the states, including New Hampshire, have seen no shortage of young people talking about shooting up their high school or other educational institutions. The statistics of how many shootings have already occurred in schools are staggering. Some criminal defense attorneys are learning a new specialty literally through a process of on-the-job training. The most recent allegations of a threat against a school were uncovered in Exeter and police were able to avert what they allege was a potential disaster.

Several coincidences mark simultaneous drunk driving arrests

Police in New Hampshire who work the early morning shift sometimes encounter some very strange coincidences and oddball events, especially those associated with DUI arrests.  For example, on Sunday morning, Feb. 11 at about 1:30 a.m., police and fire departments in Pelham responded to two separate incidents of alleged drunk driving, one-vehicle crashes that occurred nearly simultaneously. The oddity of the occurrences was that in each case, the driver exited the vehicle and fled on foot.

2 neighbors fight over snow, now they need a criminal defense

Even in New Hampshire people are not always as neighborly as one would like. Most of the time, it is common to see neighbors helping each other dig out of wicked snow storms, helping get their vehicles started, lending snow-blowers and even shoveling the neighbor's walkway out of pure kindness and goodwill. That is not, however, how it came down between two neighbors recently in Pelham, and that is why they are each now likely to be looking for criminal defense counsel to guide them out of the trouble they allegedly generated.

Workers' compensation applicant may benefit from OSHA forms

New Hampshire is subject to the rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as are all other states. Companies must comply with various reporting rules established by OSHA. One of those is the recordkeeping requirements set forth at 29 CFR 1904, which require applicable companies to file OSHA form 300A between Feb. 1, 2018 and April 30, 2018. These rules are distinct from the statutory mandates that establish the workers' compensation system in each state.

Teasing a classmate over allergies can go too far

The topic of bullying usually conjures an image of a big, mean kid who likes to intimidate, taunt or harm others. Understandably, you and other New Hampshire residents would see traditional bullying as an intentional act. Those who bully children over food allergies may not realize they can cause harm, but these actions are still dangerous and unacceptable.

Car accidents could be prevented by driverless technology

There are many reasonable doubts expressed about cars that are operated by artificial intelligence and the so-called "driverless" vehicles. Some in New Hampshire would say that artificially operated vehicles can get internally confused at times, just by virtue of not having the decades of wisdom that comes from real experience. Nonetheless, if artificial intelligence could operate a person's vehicle, then factors like impairment, sleepiness, texting distractions and similar causes of car accidents would be nearly eliminated.

Drug charges filed against woman, another suspect still sought

The authorities in New Hampshire must follow strict protocols when they engage in narcotics investigations and arrests. Warrants must be justified by law and approved by judges or magistrate judges generally before searches can be conducted and drug charges filed. Probable cause generally is the main consideration in determining the propriety of the procedures used by the police in any challenged incidents.

Criminal defense may be tough sell for social media suspect

The addition of online social media to many people's daily activities adds a level of complexity that does not always lead to an enriching experience. That is probably how one might describe the story of two young men in New Hampshire who recently had a run-in on social media. It seems that the argument was so aggravating that a 23-year-old man from Nashua showed up at the doorstep of a 22-year-old male's home in Manchester with a gun and a readiness to duel it out. That man is now looking for criminal defense counsel to help him out of the predicament that his alleged excesses appear to have created.

Drunk driving in the wrong direction is an invitation to trouble

Drunk driving in the wrong direction in New Hampshire is an invitation to trouble and possible tragic consequences. The chances for getting into an accident under those conditions are extremely high. At about 1 a.m. on Jan. 25, the Salem police stopped a driver who was traveling in the wrong direction on Rockingham Park Boulevard, per police statements. The police arrested the man for drunk driving after examining his condition, they claim.

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