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January 2018 Archives

Cyclist deaths higher than other drivers in motorcycle accidents

The great pastime of motorcycle riding is a popular activity for many New Hampshire residents. Unfortunately, motorcycles are far more vulnerable to being involved in accidents and vehicular deaths both in the state and nationwide. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are 27 times more likely to die in vehicular accidents than those operating other kinds of vehicles. Motorcycle accidents result in injuries to motorcycle drivers six times more frequently than to the drivers of other vehicles in the accident.

Stopping man to question re felonies needs reasonable suspicion

There must be proof beyond a reasonable doubt of each element of the charged crime to validate a conviction under the New Hampshire criminal laws. The mere location of an individual in the vicinity of a reported crime is insufficient in itself to validate a criminal charge. That issue may become relevant in the arrest of a 24-year-old man by Merrimack police recently on charges that he committed the felonies of attempted burglary and other violations.

Novel criminal defense may be needed to alleged bizarre events

Some reported crimes are difficult to understand. One such inexplicable series of events occurred in New Hampshire recently when a 54-year-old woman called the Nashua Police Department and announced that a man had been fatally shot in her home. When the police responded, instead of directing them to the body, she instead led them on a 20-mile chase before they apprehended and arrested her. The accused will likely need a novel criminal defense when her counsel tries to make some sense of what happened and why.

Workers' compensation programs benefit from safety measures

Workers in New Hampshire and everywhere else want a safe workplace. They do not appreciate disabling workplace accidents that cause severe life disruptions and reliance on workers' compensation benefits. Given the choice, every conscientious worker will say that they would rather work than be laid up, disabled and struggling to recover.

Drug charges re heroin filed against police chief's daughter

The opioid epidemic has been uniformly destructive throughout the states, including in New Hampshire. It afflicts its victims indiscriminately, striking at all strata of society. Sometimes, people in law enforcement also suffer personal loss and trauma from the epidemic. For example, authorities recently arrested the daughter of the Berlin Police Chief on drug charges of possession of heroin with intent to distribute.

ACLU defends 18 on drug charges in arrests near border

In federal and state constitutional law, it is well established that states have their own constitutions that may give individuals stronger civil rights protections than the federal constitution. Last summer, federal Customs and Border Protection agents arrested 18 people on drug charges at two New Hampshire checkpoints on Interstate 93 near the border. The checkpoints were established under federal law to identify people living in this country illegally.

Police say woman was felony drunk driving in fatal accident

New Hampshire State Police were busy this past New Years Eve with the expected increase in traffic accidents. One of those incidents that included a fatality occurred in the town of Milton at about 10 p.m. A 58-year-old East Wakefield man died when the car he was riding in lost control, rolled over and ejected him from the vehicle. Police later charged the driver with felony aggravated drunk driving.

Motorcycle accidents with unmanned cruisers occurring more often

In New Hampshire and elsewhere throughout the country, it is becoming a reality for vehicle operators to contend with driverless auto cruisers. The wave of artificial intelligence is bringing such issues into everyday life and the problems raised are not always easily resolved. In one recent incident in another state, authorities cited and booked a motorcycle driver who was in a collision with an unmanned, autonomous car. The public has always viewed motorcycle accidents with a degree of puzzlement, so that these new factors will serve to further muddy those waters.  

More movement at work will lower workers' compensation claims

The average worker in New Hampshire would rather be employed by a company that is safety and health conscious. No worker wants to become disabled due to a work injury and have to rely on the receipt of workers' compensation benefits. Therefore, both conscientious business owners and their workers support the introduction of safety and health measures that will reduce the numbers of work-related injuries and deaths.

Car accidents can overshadow New Year's Eve revelries

New Year's Eve can be a night of stark contrasts. The height of revelry can end in darkness and destruction when car accidents intrude to deflect the evening's normally good tidings. That was the unfortunate reality for a 58-year-old male passenger in a car at about 10 p.m. on Sunday evening. The New Hampshire State Police say that the driver of the car lost control on Route 125 in Milton, rolling the car over and ejecting the passenger, who was declared deceased at the scene.

Man accused of drunk driving, theft and causing several crashes

In New Hampshire and all states, driving while under the influence carries punishments that increase as the severity and number of offenses occur. When people are injured or killed by a drunk driving suspect, the punishment will be enhanced exponentially. The same regimen of increasing penalties generally exists in all state statutes covering these areas of the criminal law.

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