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December 2017 Archives

Car accidents in bad weather may still be caused by negligence

New Hampshire began its winter season in recent weeks with some bad weather and some gruesome accidents. In one incident on I-93, a tractor-trailer crushed the rear of a car that was stopped in a driving lane of the icy highway. The truck driver reportedly slid on ice and could not stop his vehicle in time to avoid the collision. Car accidents under bad weather conditions do not excuse negligent, at-fault drivers from monetary liability.

Repetitive drunk driving offenses require a term of imprisonment

Repetitive drunk driving convictions in New Hampshire will likely lead to a significant sentence of imprisonment. In such cases, defense counsel has a challenging and difficult job, due to the drunk driving laws that call for understandably more serious punishment for repetitive violations. If the accused obtains the services of an experienced DUI attorney early after an offense is charged, there are several defenses that may be available to possibly keep the cumulative effect of multiple convictions to a minimum.

Federal drug charges lead to guilty plea and sentencing

Federal and state authorities in New Hampshire are focused on the opiate problem that is now recognized as a national health crisis. Opioids are a dangerous group of highly addictive drugs that include the pain killer fentanyl, which has proved to be particularly deadly. A United States District Court judge recently sentenced a 41-year-old man to drug charges relating to the intention to sell fentanyl in the state.

Workers' compensation may pay death benefits to family of worker

The handling of a workplace accident in New Hampshire follows the same general procedure that is found in all other states. A workplace accident resulting in disability or death is handled through the workers' compensation insurance framework. In the case of injury and the inability to work because of a workplace accident, the worker will collect lost wages benefits for the duration of the disability, until he or she can return to work.

Premises liability issues may plague holiday office parties

Liability issues can arise under New Hampshire law when a company holds a holiday party for its employees. There are several types of mishaps that could occur, necessitating some advance planning for the organized company that wants to cut down on the sizable risk that can occur. Issues of premises liability and social host liability are two areas that can develop problems at the rambunctious office party.

Car accidents on snow-filled roads can be negligently caused

Snow started falling in New Hampshire on Dec. 9 and brought along with it numerous vehicle crashes. It may seem that no motorist can be negligent in causing an accident in slippery, snowy weather, but that is just not true. Car accidents during inclement weather are often the subject of personal injury claims made against negligent drivers.

Prosecutor accused of drunk driving forced to resign summarily

New Hampshire prosecutors have a zero-tolerance policy toward prosecuting attorneys who have been arrested for DWI. Witness the case of an assistant prosecutor in the Rockingham County Attorney's Office who was recently arrested for drunk driving. The County Attorney's Office issued a statement saying in effect that the 36-year-old man was compelled to submit his resignation.

Police charge man with felonies for helping minors with robbery

Criminal liability in New Hampshire can be based on an alleged criminal actor's activities in directing the criminal behavior of other persons. This may be a particularly apt crime for authorities to charge when they assert that an adult has managed and/or directed or supported the criminal activities of minors. The issue is relevant in the recent arrest of a 45-year-old Concord man who the police say is responsible for the felonies of armed robbery and sale of a controlled drug.

Common questions about workplace injuries in New Hampshire

Getting an injury on the job can be something simple that keeps you out of work for a day or two, or it can be something much more serious that leads to lost wages and many weeks off work. If you have had a personal injury on the job that has had a negative impact on your well-being and your financial security, it may be time to do some research about possible ways you can recoup your losses.

Workers' compensation disputes often occur in head trauma claims

When a worker is injured at work in New Hampshire, the first and primary layer of coverage for those injuries is workers' compensation insurance. One of the most difficult types of workplace injuries for a worker to suffer is a head injury. Such injuries are sometimes elusive for medical providers to diagnose accurately, and as a result, head injuries can often be the subject of a contested workers' compensation claim.

Cyclists injured in motorcycle accidents may recover damages

Operators of motorcycles tend to have bad luck when it comes to getting involved in vehicular accidents in New Hampshire. The state has a relatively high percentage of motorcycle operators in comparison to some of the more densely populated states. In addition, motorcycle accidents often occur without any fault on the part of the motorcyclist. Whenever a motorcycle operator is injured through the negligence of another driver, the injured person will have a claim for personal injury damages just as any other vehicle driver.

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