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November 2017 Archives

Tips for keeping elderly loved ones safe in winter

Winter affects people young and old in similar and different ways. For example, the shorter hours of sunlight can mean a loss of energy across all age ranges, but a slip and fall on ice can affect an older person more than a younger person. Older people's bodies are more fragile and may take longer to recover.

Car accidents with police car follow general rules for recovery

Vehicular accidents in New Hampshire sometimes include police officers as participants. If the officer is injured due to the negligence of a private party, he or she will have the right, just like any other victim, to assert a claim for personal injury damages against the negligent driver. Such car accidents, however, do generally first have to account for the potential workers' compensation claims of the injured officer.

Bill seeks to strengthen criminal defense to unjust prosecution

A bill filed in the New Hampshire House for 2018 requires courts to inform juries in criminal cases of their right to return a not guilty verdict when a guilty verdict would cause an unfair, unjust result. HB1443, which would be a significant expansion of criminal defense rights,  has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee. The 2018 session will begin on Jan. 3.

Police: Woman committed felonies by taking frequent flyer points

In New Hampshire, is the theft of frequent flier points from one's former employer a provable criminal act? The Manchester Police would answer affirmatively based on their arrest of a 36-year-old woman for felonies involving her alleged taking of two million airline points from her former employer. The authorities say that the value of the points equates to $300,000.

Motorcycle accidents will be reduced by following safety rules

Both the joys and dangers of riding motorcycles out on the open roads of New Hampshire are about equally important. Despite the feelings of euphoria that come from that sense of freedom and total release, there are unavoidable dangers that the motorcyclist must always keep in mind. Motorcycle accidents are on the rise, and the reasons are pretty well-known by this point.

Car accidents continue to take their toll in New Hampshire

Another serious one-car accident occurred in New Hampshire last week as two women were seriously injured when their vehicle crashed into a utility pole. The incident occurred in Brentwood at about 5:15 p.m., according to a police spokesperson. The cause of the accident was not reported, but the police stated that they are continuing to investigate. In many car accidents, the police cannot immediately report on the cause prior to the analysis of forensic evidence and blood reports.

Car drivers can reduce motorcycle accidents by using due care

Motorcycle drivers are plentiful in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, they often play a second-class role on the state's roads in the face of the larger, more controlling cars and trucks that dominate the driving terrain. Among motorcycle operators, there are some well-known wishes that they express regarding the driving practices of other vehicular drivers. If these desired rules were practiced, the number of motorcycle accidents would be reduced nationwide.

Drug charges may create a spiral of punishment leading nowhere

When the police in New Hampshire arrest a suspect with an existing record of many past drug offenses, they generally process the individual through the criminal system as a matter of course. The individual is generally prosecuted as a criminal on the drug charges and is given an escalating series of punishment as each successive arrest occurs. This usually includes a longer sentence and imprisonment in a higher security state institution, i.e., a repository for hardened criminals.

Drivers must carefully avoid car accidents in crosswalks

An elderly pedestrian using a crosswalk at 5 p.m. in a New Hampshire intersection should not be at great risk for being run over by a car. Unfortunately, car accidents involving pedestrians who are hit in crosswalks happen regularly. In the latest incident, a 65-year-old man who was in a crosswalk at the intersection of Main and Linden Streets in Rochester on Nov. 9, was hit by a car traveling through the intersection. The man was found lying on the road near the crosswalk; he was hospitalized with undisclosed injuries.

Personal injuries sustained from sitting at desks all day

When most people think about injuries in the workplace, their first thoughts turn toward extreme injuries, such as falling down or getting hit with something. These types of injuries do happen often, and they made up a significant portion of the 2.9 million nonfatal injuries that took place in the private sector, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Drug charges increased against alleged seller of fentanyl

In New Hampshire it is a felony to sell a controlled drug that results in death. With the widespread advent of the super-killer drug, fentanyl, in the past few years, drug charges pursuant to that felony provision have become rather prominent. Such a criminal law straddles the divide between allegations of selling drugs and those alleging the commission of homicide, making such a prosecution a relatively recent innovation both here and nationwide.

Man arrested on 2 felonies for allegedly burglarizing businesses

Nashua police charged a New Hampshire resident with a pair of burglaries that they say he committed in June and July. The police did not reveal the details of the alleged felonies and the press reports do not say what evidence the police have to implicate the suspect in the crimes. It is unclear whether there were outstanding warrants out on the man prior to his arrest recently by authorities.

Workers' compensation is there for injured loggers

The lumber business is big in New Hampshire, and not many people realize that loggers put their lives on the line every day. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, logging is the occupation with the highest rate of fatalities. This is also evident in the number of workers' compensation claims filed by loggers.

Workers' compensation covers injury inflicted by co-worker

New Hampshire law provides compensation coverage for a worker who is injured by a co-worker while at work. This type of incident is covered under the wide umbrella of workers' compensation insurance. The scope of the coverage is generally that all work-related injuries are compensated through the workers' comp system.

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