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October 2017 Archives

Driver is liable to passenger in one-vehicle car accidents

A relatively easy type of accident for police in New Hampshire and elsewhere to analyze for causation is the one-car crash. This becomes less true when the driver is not available to explain the occurrence because he or she was an actual fatality in the mishap. The task may be somewhat more difficult in car accidents when there were one or more passengers who also died in the crash.

A drunk driving conviction can ruin a person's future

When a New Hampshire driver is arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, the steps he or she must take to defend the charges can determine the impact on his or her future. Having a criminal record can affect an individual's ability to secure a job, be approved for a rental apartment and more. The impact can be more severe if it is a second or subsequent drunk driving offense.

Motorcycle accidents often cause orthopedic injuries

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, they are the doctors mostly called upon for treating injuries suffered by bikers. Fractures to legs, feet, arms, wrists and spines are typical in victims of motorcycle accidents. They suggest motorcycle riders commit to traveling at safe speeds while they remain alert to spot road debris, slick roads and other unsafe driving conditions. Also, never riding a bike without safety gear and a helmet can also reduce the severity of injuries -- despite the fact that New Hampshire has no helmet laws.

Attempted theft and property crimes reported by homeowner

Attempted burglaries sometimes create the dangerous situation of strangers roaming through occupied residences. Attempts to commit theft and property crimes by entering into private residences happened at least twice in New Hampshire recently, according to the Atkinson Police Department. The police chief of that town reported an arrest recently of a 27-year-old male who absconded from a private home when confronted by the owner.

Alleged drug charges must be preceded by a valid stop and frisk

New Hampshire authorities take abuse of prescription medication seriously. That was proved true just recently in the arrest by Manchester police of a 23-year-old woman on drug charges relating to three loose gabapentin prescription pills found inside one of her pockets. According to a spokesperson for the police, an officer stopped to talk with a woman who was walking in the middle of Merrimack Street at about 2:45 p.m.

Workers' compensation benefits cover serious worker injuries

Falls on construction sites are a major source of worker injuries in New Hampshire. Whenever a construction worker or other employee is injured while at work, state law mandates that the medical expenses and partial lost wages be paid to the worker for as long as he/she remains disabled. The laws governing such matters are the state's workers' compensation laws.

Drug charges sought against dealer of fentanyl to overdose victim

The New Hampshire Attorney General is seeking a conviction against a purported drug dealer in a fentanyl overdose case that involves an out-of-state dealer and an out-of-state drug transaction. Three others have been charged in the 30-year-old male decedent's overdose death for their alleged roles in obtaining and providing the drug to the victim in this state. The Attorney General states that this is the first pursuit of an out-of-state resident for the drug charges called "drug distribution, death resulting."

Car accidents may involve multiple insurance recoveries

The New Hampshire State Police reported an accident that occurred recently on Interstate 95 South in North Hampton. An off-duty police officer from a neighboring state was operating a motorcycle southbound on I-95 when he was hit head-on by a northbound car that crossed the median. The officer was seriously injured and is currently in critical condition at Portsmouth Regional Hospital, according to police reports. In car accidents with serious injuries, the victim's family will best protect the injured person's rights by consulting immediately with an experienced personal injury attorney. 

Slip-and-falls cause added risk to health of elderly people

New Hampshire residents suffer serious injuries from slip-and-fall accidents. Elderly residents have a particularly high risk of falling and possibly an increased danger of not recovering as well as their younger counterparts.

Typical consequences of motorcycle accidents

Road accidents can cause serious injuries, regardless of the modes of transport of those involved. However, New Hampshire bikers might be most vulnerable because, unlike motorists, they are not in enclosed vehicles in which modern safety devices such as airbags, seat belts and crumple zones protect them. The only protection available to them is helmets and protective clothing. A significant number of motorcycle accidents lead to severe injuries or death, and some say bikers need more skills than automobile drivers.

Car accidents involving crossover usually caused by negligence

Crossover accidents are common in New Hampshire and nationwide. A crossover occurs whenever an operator loses control of his or her vehicle and crosses over the median directly into oncoming traffic. The crossover operator may suffer from impairment or may have been distracted. He or she may have also fallen asleep at the wheel. In car accidents of this kind, the crossover operator is nearly always deemed to have been negligent in operating the vehicle without having control over it.

Registered sex offender may have criminal defense to allegations

The enforcement of the laws against sex offenders represents a major resource that is required by police departments across the country and in New Hampshire. They must, in many cases, monitor the whereabouts and activities of registered sex offenders and devote the resources necessary to oversee their status, which is similar to providing a probation system for sex offenders. Before conviction, of course, resources must be provided for the criminal defense of all individuals charged with serious criminal wrongdoing.

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