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September 2017 Archives

Motorcycle accidents often involve improper left turns by cars

There are unfortunately some common patterns that mark the occurrence of accidents involving motorcycles in New Hampshire and nationwide. These common patterns in motorcycle accidents are often caused by the negligence of car and truck operators. They often fail to keep a close lookout for the more diminutive motorcycle vehicles that popularly dot the highways and roads of the state.

Safety consciousness may reduce workers' compensation disputes

Due to the high incidence of workplace injuries in New Hampshire and nationally, workers must try to take their own protective measures whenever possible. This is especially true where an employer does not focus on safety-conscious practices due to negligence or intentional cost-cutting measures. When a work-related accident does occur, it is compensated through the workers' compensation insurance system, which is sometimes subject to abuse by employers and insurers.

Man visiting Pelham homes hit with drug charges re heroin sales

The police in New Hampshire and elsewhere must be meticulous in presenting a logical and convincing flow of evidence in support of a drug arrest. In addition, they must survive any potential challenges to the constitutionality of their practices and procedures during the investigation and arrest process. Defending against drug charges is equally difficult for the accused due to the superior resources usually possessed by the authorities in the typical prosecution.

Tips lead to drug charges for New Hampshire man

Tips and call-ins from neighbors are said to have contributed to the case against one man recently. The New Hampshire man is now facing drug charges after an investigation by local police. Apparently, reports from neighbors and information from his landlord and parole officer also played a role in his arrest. 

Motorcycle accidents: New Hampshire woman loses life in crash

An unfortunate incident has ended the life of a New Hampshire woman from Greenland. It is always tragic to hear news of persons being harmed in local motorcycle accidents, and the latest news story out of Hampton is no different. A truck collided with a motorcycle on the Route 101 interchange with Route 1, and the resulting accident was fatal. 

Students should not ignore alcohol transport laws

Let us say that you are a college student on your way home from an off-campus party. You are giving a lift to one of your fraternity brothers and his girlfriend who are in the back seat. A law enforcement officer pulls you over for an infraction, such as a broken tail light on your car. You forget about the six-pack of beer propped on the passenger seat -- until the officer notices it.

Property owners may incur premises liability for lax maintenance

New Hampshire law follows the general rule that a property owner may be liable for personal injuries to visitors and invitees on the property. They may be there as invitees to conduct business or go shopping, or they may otherwise have express or implied permission to be on the premises. They also may be residents of a development. This area of tort law is called premises liability.

Drivers injured in motorcycle accidents need medical diagnoses

New Hampshire has many accidents involving motorcycles each year. A motorcycle driver who is injured by a careless car or truck operator is entitled to collect personal injury damages from that tortfeasor. In some motorcycle accidents, the initial police report may indicate "minor" injuries suffered by the injured motorcycle operator or, for that matter, to an injured passenger in either vehicle. These early assessments by police investigators are not authoritative.

Man charged with felonies for alleged threats against woman

Threatening to cut a person's head off can result in a serious criminal charge in New Hampshire. Making such statements, however, may not indicate criminal intent but could merely be a bad case of indigestion leading to a grumpy disposition. The criminality of such an alleged threat is determined by the circumstances in which it is made. The surrounding facts must show the suspect's criminal intent to carry out a true crime and to thus commit the felonies with which he is charged. 

Motorcycle accidents: 2 victims airlifted after cross-over crash

Crashes that involve automobiles and motorcycles often result in severe or even fatal injuries. This is because victims of motorcycle accidents typically suffer the consequences of having little or no protection while those in cars have seat belts, air bags and the body of the vehicles to protect them. Two people were recently injured in a bike crash in New Hampshire.

Premises liability lawsuit filed against Walt Disney Parks

Owners of theme parks in New Hampshire and elsewhere are responsible for the safety of their facilities. There are many ways in which visitors to the parks can be injured, and every one of those must be anticipated, with precautions put in place to prevent harm. Failing to address even one dangerous area can lead to a premises liability lawsuit.

Criminal defense: New Hampshire law protects unborn fetuses

New Hampshire drivers may want to take note of recently signed legislation that the state legislature recently passed. The new law aims to provide justice to any family who loses an unborn child in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver. It may also serve to give some sense of closure to parents after such a devastating loss. Anybody accused of causing an accident that killed an unborn child will likely need a skilled criminal defense attorney in his or her corner.

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