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4 typical causes for motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle riders still face great risks out on New Hampshire roadways. In fact, an article from the Concord Monitor reported that the number of motorcycle accidents in 2015 rose significantly from the previous year. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents result in severe injuries or even death.

Both motorcyclists and car drivers need to be vigilant on roadways so everyone can share the roads safely. There are four common reasons why these accidents tend to occur, and by increasing their awareness, motorists and drivers can better circumvent them.

1. Lane splitting

Lane splitting is actually illegal in New Hampshire, but that does not stop many motorcyclists from attempting it when traffic has stopped. It is common for accidents to occur when motorcyclists do this because there is less space for the motorcycle to maneuver in between two vehicles. Additionally, a car may try to merge into the next lane, not aware a motorcyclist is there.

2. Cars making left-hand turns

People driving cars should always check before merging into the left-hand lane. It becomes particularly important for motorcyclists because they are much more likely to become hidden in a car's blind spot.

3. Speeding

It can be tempting for motorcyclists to speed down highways. However, traveling at unsafe speeds increases the chances of an accident. Since the motorcycle is going at a fast speed, it takes a longer distance to react to changes in the road. If a car suddenly stops ahead of the motorcyclist, there is less space for the rider to adjust and slow down.

4. Opening a car door

A fair number of motorcycle accidents occur when a motorist pulls off to the side of the road and opens the door when a motorcyclist is riding in the next lane. People who need to make emergency stops on the side of freeways need to be cognizant of everything else going on to prevent accidents.

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