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Myths about motorcycle safety

If you are a new motorcyclist, safety is probably one of your top priorities. In fact, it is likely high on your list no matter how experienced you are.

To that end, here are some myths that may have you reconsidering some aspects of motorcycle safety:

Bigger is better

Big motorcycles look awesome. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to handle, especially for new riders. Because of their massive weight, they can also lead to more severe injuries. Older drivers are particularly at risk due to their frailer physical state.

Which is safer, staying upright on your motorcycle or tumbling off it?

Leather is only for appearances

Many motorcyclists don leather, but perhaps surprisingly, leather has a lot more going for it than how it looks. For example, leather keeps riders insulated against the cold, and it helps to prevent scrapes. So, if you worry about finding good boots, gloves and vests for your motorcycle rides, leather is a perfectly legitimate choice as far as safety goes.

Helmets are constricting

Motorcycle helmets have come a long way. There is no doubt they can prevent catastrophic injuries and save plenty of lives, which is why many motorcyclists in New Hampshire wear them even if they are not legally obligated to. Helmets also keep nuisances such as bugs and dirt off the rider’s face. Furthermore, all helmets must have a 210-degree field of view, meaning motorcyclists have their peripheral vision. They also come in many colors and styles, so you have quite a few options for looking cool.

The louder, the merrier

Motorcycles can be loud, but this loudness does not always help alert drivers. This is because sounds from motorcycles tend to go out their exhaust pipes—out the back of the motorcycle. In other words, a driver in front of your motorcycle might not hear you approaching. You are better off strategizing ways to make yourself more visible instead of louder.

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