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Woman who gets playground grant charged with felonies

Identity theft and/or fraudulent identity can lead to a variety of illegal results that may violate New Hampshire and federal laws. Few of these cases contain mixed motives on the part of the identity thief, but one such scenario surfaced recently in New Hampshire when the Nashua police arrested a woman for the felonies of identity fraud and being a fugitive from justice. The accused allegedly masqueraded as a Harvard-trained grant writer in an attempt to access funds from the city of Nashua.

Motorcycle accidents: Car and truck drivers may overlook cycles

There are many motorcycle enthusiasts in New Hampshire. There are also far too many vehicular accidents that involve motorcycles. Perhaps contrary to general opinion, many motorcycle accidents are caused by a car or truck operator who is operating his or her vehicle negligently.

Police call drug charges against 2 part of Granite Hammer push

New Hampshire has partnered with the FBI to target persons involved in drug trafficking. The familiar name for the enterprise is called the Granite Hammer program. There have been numerous reports of so-called Granite Hammer drug sweeps taking place in the state under the program, which have resulted in a large number of drug charges filed across the state since the program's inception.

20-year-old charged with drunk driving after rollover crash

Following an early morning crash in Madbury, a young man is facing criminal charges. New Hampshire State Police say a 20-year-old man is now facing drunk driving charges. Reportedly, the accident involved only one vehicle, and the driver was the sole occupant of that car.

Premises liability decision granted in favor of injured tenant

Slip-and-fall cases in New Hampshire are part of the general category of personal injury claims that are referred to as premises liability claims. These cases generally relate to an owner's negligence over a dangerous condition that exists on the property, which results in personal injury to someone who is properly on the property. Sometimes, premises liability pertains to not providing sufficient security for business visitors who are on the property to shop or do business. A claim arises when that visitor suffers personal injury from the tortious and/or criminal actions of unauthorized third parties.

Drug charges: Deceased infant's parents now face homicide charges

Emergency workers from Concord Fire and Rescue in New Hampshire, along with police, responded to an address in Penacook last August to investigate a report regarding an unresponsive infant found in a trailer. Paramedics rendered emergency care and rushed the baby to a hospital where the 2-month-old boy was declared dead. Following an extensive investigation, the parents of the deceased boy -- who had previously faced drug charges -- were recently arrested on charges of negligent homicide and manslaughter.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Many riders feel the ultimate sign of freedom and entertainment is the ability to feel the wind around them as they are riding down the road. Drivers are passionate about their motorcycles but recognize that there are inherent risks that come with owning a bike. In 2015, close to 90,000 motorcyclists were injured on the road, and almost 5,000 died from their injuries.

Drug charges: Small amount of pot will be decriminalized

New Hampshire is the only state in this region of the country that still provides a criminal penalty for possession of a small amount of marijuana. An offender who is hit with drug charges for marijuana can still get a stiff fine and up to one year of imprisonment on a possession of an ounce or less of pot. However, signs today point to the reversal of that policy due to the approval by both houses of the state legislature for a decriminalization bill.

Car accidents: Reckless driving may support punitive damages

In New Hampshire, injured victims of a car accident caused by a drunk driver may in some limited instances be able to collect punitive damages. When drunk drivers drive recklessly and with abandon, or in a callous and wanton manner, the injured plaintiff can make a legitimate request for punitive damages from such car accidents. This may not be always granted, but its allowance into the lawsuit should be asserted by the plaintiff's counsel.

Drunk driving charge often starts with a traffic violation stop

Most drunk driving arrests are not accompanied by dramatic police pursuits through the streets of a New Hampshire town, although admittedly that kind of aberration is being reported more often in recent months and years. Most drunk driving arrests, however, stem from relatively routine traffic violations. The probable cause to arrest a vehicle operator comes only in the aftermath of a traffic stop, which is usually quite routine at first.

Multi-vehicle car accidents require intensive investigations

Vehicular accidents in New Hampshire and other states may cause uncertainty regarding who was at fault. In car accidents involving multiple vehicles, that can be especially true. In a complicated accident with serious injuries, it is important for an injured victim to obtain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident. When the cause is in doubt or when liability must be identified and parsed out from between several drivers who may be partly or totally responsible, the attorney will direct an investigation that will obtain all of the accurate facts.

Police reports of car accidents may be important to the claim

It is nearly a universal procedure in New Hampshire and other states for auto accident victims, their attorneys and insurers to obtain copies of police accident reports from the local police department that has jurisdiction. The state Department of Safety recently issued an interpretation of the law that requires all requests for police accident reports to go instead through the state agency. For those wishing to expedite the processing of claims for damages from car accidents, the local police department will generally be a much quicker source than the state agency.

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