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Alleged flasher may have criminal defense to assault charges

New Hampshire law may at least partially recognize the difference between a true sexual predator and a person who suffers from a mental illness that creates uncontrollable public behavior. Generally, flashers do their thing in public; they may shock the victim, but they rarely inflict true or lasting harm on anyone.  However, due to the uncontrollable urges, a flasher may develop a long record of violations, and he may tend to forego a criminal defense to the charges in many instances.

A criminal defense may be viable for accused former principal

Elderly persons in New Hampshire and elsewhere can commonly become embroiled in fighting the demons of depression and depressive disorder. It may happen to a distinguished public servant or to a homeless person with an affliction of chronic depression. Recently, police in Windham responded to a woman who called to say that her husband was depressed. Before police left the residence, they had arrested the man, who must now determine whether he has a criminal defense to the charges.  

Insanity may be a criminal defense when accused attempts suicide

Domestic situations in New Hampshire and elsewhere are sometimes so volatile that they can result in danger to the participants and to the police who are investigating a disturbance. This type of situation occurred recently in Nashua when police were called to a residence to assist the caller in removing items from that address. The resident of the premises, however, would not let police into the home. The problem escalated into a criminal defense matter when the woman displayed a gun and communicated her desire to kill herself.

Drug charges for small amount of pot may be decriminalized

New Hampshire is one of the states with an approved medical marijuana law. In most states, when such laws are experienced over time, the state learns that modifications and amendments to them may be desirable. This state's House of Representatives has passed some bills that will facilitate medical marijuana procedures and other legislation that will decriminalize drug charges for a small amount of marijuana.

Woman arrested for drunk driving after passing out in car

In New Hampshire, one does not necessarily have to be caught in the process of driving to justify an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. It is possible to be arrested and convicted of drunk driving even if a person is confronted by the police after exiting the vehicle. This rule may even apply if the person is found sleeping in a parked vehicle.

Premises liability case claims Walmart fell down on the job

Walmart remains one of the largest retail superstores anywhere in the country. The company has locations throughout the United States, including here in New Hampshire. With so many locations, it might not be surprising to hear that the retail giant faces a premises liability claim from a woman who suffered a slip-and-fall accident two years ago at a location in her area.

Spring break needn't end with drunk driving charges

New Hampshire students will undoubtedly be among thousands of others in the nation who are gearing up for spring break. Finals are over, a little money's been saved, and everyone is ready for some fun in the sun. Some students choose to stay in the area, visiting local beaches and saving the gas money it would take to travel to another state. Others venture clear across the country. Neither group wants to wind up facing drunk driving charges, however; so, it's best to have a pre-made plan to avoid this types of situation.

Workers' compensation is payable for all work-related injuries

When a worker is seriously injured at work, he or she is generally covered by workers' compensation benefits under New Hampshire law and the law of all other states. Under the New Hampshire workers' compensation laws, workers' compensation generally provides the exclusive remedy for the employee to collect benefits. The benefits generally include medical expenses and the costs of rehabilitation. Wage loss benefits are also payable while the employee remains disabled and unable to work as a result of the work-related accident.

Drug charges and child endangerment filed against man

New Hampshire authorities continue to arrest and incarcerate drug suspects for drug possession violations without viewing the matter as a medical addiction needing rehabilitation and drug treatment services. Pelham police and Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a 35-year-old man recently on drug charges and removed his 3-year-old child from the home. Authorities also charged the man with endangering the welfare of a child, in addition to possession of heroin, marijuana and prescription pills.

Drug charges escalate to homicide charges in opioid overdoses

New Hampshire has turned to a new training program and to an existing but little-used charge against drug dealers who allegedly cause overdoses that result in death to their customers. The drug charges can carry up to a life sentence. In the current environment of an opioid drug dependence epidemic, police training in this area makes a lot of sense to local law enforcement agencies.

Careless passing causes car accidents on 2-lane roads

New Hampshire has many two-lane roadways, with one lane going in one direction and the other lane going in the opposite direction. These roads are an invitation to disastrous car accidents whenever an operator decides to ignore the safe methods of passing cars in front of him or her. Recently, a woman suffered life-threatening injuries when an operator on State Route 12 tried to pass too many vehicles and could not avoid crashing into the victim's oncoming car, say the authorities.

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