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Do car accidents cause traumatic brain injury?

Car crashes can lead to several types of injuries and health problems, some more serious than others. Car accidents number among the top three causes of traumatic brain injury. During a collision, TBI typically occurs due to impact or to deceleration, which happens as the skull comes to an abrupt stop while the brain inside has not yet slowed down.

If you think that TBI sounds serious, you are not wrong. The effects of this injury can affect all aspects of your life, including your very personality. At the same time, first responders who arrive at the scene of a crash may not always identify TBI, as many symptoms manifest later. For this reason, it is important for accident victims to see a physician for a comprehensive exam as soon as possible after the collision. Keep in mind that TBI is possible even if you did not hit your head, as the abrupt stop could cause your brain to hit the inside of your skull.

Types of TBI

TBI can be mild or severe. Severe TBI is easier to identify quickly due to its serious and immediate symptoms. Physicians classify TBI as severe when the victim loses consciousness for 30 minutes or longer and experiences memory loss. Severe TBI can result in physical impairment and loss of the ability to move. It also affects cognitive abilities and can cause severe limitations of memory, thinking and speech.

Mild TBI

Mild TBI can be harder to diagnose, as symptoms surface later. Signs of mild TBI can include problems with focus and memory, irritability, depression, headaches and frustration. Many patients take some time to recognize these symptoms as medically problematic, attributing them to normal mood swings.

While the symptoms of mild TBI can seen negligible compared to those of severe TBI, they can have a serious detrimental affect on employment, school work, tasks of daily living and general quality of life. TBI sufferers may spend more on medications and treatments for physical symptoms like seizures, insomnia, nausea and headaches. They may miss work days, miss out on promotions and suffer other consequences that impair their ability to earn a living.

If you were in a car accident, passing out even for a short while can be a sign of TBI. See a physician as soon as possible after the crash and be sure to list all of the symptoms you experience, even if some of them do not sound like a big deal. Getting the treatment you need as soon as possible can help mitigate symptoms and improve your quality of life. You should also take care of your financial health by speaking with an experienced attorney who can help you get the legal recourse you are entitled to.

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