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Felonies alleged against physician for drug company kickbacks

New Hampshire prosecutors are increasing their efforts to stop the rising epidemic of opioids in the state. The Acting U.S. Attorney recently announced the arrest of a physician's assistant on charges that he received payments from a drug company in return for prescribing a fentanyl-based spray to patients in the alleged violation of federal law. Authorities have charged him with several felonies relating to the kickback charges.

Woman may need criminal defense for murder conspiracy charges

A tumultuous relationship and a series of questionable decisions has left a New Hampshire woman in need of legal counsel. The young woman is just 20 years of age, yet is facing serious criminal charges related to her connection with her boyfriend. She is charged with conspiracy to commit murder, as well as solicitation to contract for murder. As she moves forward with her criminal defense needs, she continues to interact with the man who is at the center of the alleged plot to kill another young woman.

Woman accuses man of drunk driving and assault in 911 call

New Hampshire police often receive 911 calls regarding erratic drivers who might be impaired. An officer might be dispatched in an attempt to intercept the driver before anyone gets hurt. If a traffic stop is initiated or an accident occurs, the officer might suspect the individual behind the wheel of drunk driving.

Corrections officer faces drug felonies

When drug crimes take place within a New Hampshire correctional facility, those under suspicion may be subject to intense scrutiny. Because law enforcement agents are held to higher standards of behavior, they may face harsher penalties if convicted of felonies within a detention center or prison. After being arrested for drug crimes within the facility, one man is now in custody at the same jail where he worked.

Do car accidents cause traumatic brain injury?

Car crashes can lead to several types of injuries and health problems, some more serious than others. Car accidents number among the top three causes of traumatic brain injury. During a collision, TBI typically occurs due to impact or to deceleration, which happens as the skull comes to an abrupt stop while the brain inside has not yet slowed down.

Drug charges may be justified by legal search of woman's purse

If the police in New Hampshire have probable cause to stop and search someone for shoplifting, it is generally the case that anything found in searching the person may be admissible to support an arrest and prosecution on any other crime indicated by the contraband. This comes into play in the case of a 23-year-old woman who was arrested in Walmart recently for shoplifting. When searching her, police allegedly found a needle with heroin and some crack cocaine, resulting in drug charges filed against her.

Burglary, robbery or theft? Different crimes involving stealing

In everyday conversation, people tend to use the words burglary, robbery and theft interchangeably. However, although all are crimes against property that is not yours, they are not the same. Neither are they the only classifications for stealing. Knowing the differences between these crimes according to New Hampshire law can help you understand and fight the charges you face.

Thefts over $1,000 are class A felonies in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire theft is a serious crime. If the amount taken is over $1,000, the offense is charged as felony theft. It is a Class A felony, which can carry a sentence of imprisonment up to 15 years. Where the amount is over $1,000 but not substantially more than that amount, it may appear harsh to classify such a crime with far more serious felonies.

Shoe department drug sale alleged as a basis for drug charges

A detective who may have been shopping for shoes in a New Hampshire department store allegedly observed a drug transaction between two men. He reports seeing two men exchange cash and drugs inside the store. After the transaction, police reportedly followed and arrested the seller on drug charges after stopping him in his vehicle.

Man is arrested for drunk driving after failing to stop

Each state has its own driving under the influence statute that sets the offenses and prescribes the punishment for violations within the state. New Hampshire, like other states, provides penalties for drunk driving that are progressively increased with the severity of the circumstances. A defense attorney who specializes in DUI defense matters will be familiar with the gradation of offenses and the punishment for each that is set forth in the state's statute.

Drug charges filed after SWAT team raids residence

Drug raids in New Hampshire and elsewhere do not always produce the results that the police may have anticipated. In Manchester, for example, a recent arrest in which the SWAT team participated netted no more than one-half of one gram of cocaine. The police filed drug charges against the 24-year-old male resident and took a 45-year-old female resident into custody on a bench warrant involving an alleged motor vehicle violation.

Victims of car accidents may be unaware of serious injury

In New Hampshire and elsewhere, when a driver is stopped at a traffic signal and hit from the rear by a vehicle whose driver was unable to stop in time, the operator of the stationary vehicle is not negligent and not liable for injuries arising from the accident. The vehicle that approaches a stopped vehicle or a line of stopped traffic must have sufficient control of his or her car to stop in time to avoid a collision. Regarding rear-end collision car accidents, it is usually relatively easy to determine which operator is at fault.

Drug charges filed after police search woman's home

Drug offenders may face potentially serious consequences, including long prison sentences, when arrested under New Hampshire drug laws. This is even more true when the alleged violator has a prior conviction on his or her record. Defending against serious high-level drug charges is always a major job for criminal defense counsel because the consequences to the accused client could be devastating.

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