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Alleged erratic driving leads to arrest on drug charges

New Hampshire residents who face criminal charges may be aware of the potentially severe consequences convictions will bring. Facing drug charges can be particularly stressful. Even if there is no conviction, the accused person and his or her family may be adversely affected. Fortunately, with the appropriate legal support, drug treatment, diversions and other sentencing alternatives may be pursued.

Fatal accident on Route 16 leads to drunk driving charges

Whenever a New Hampshire driver is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he or she may be judged by society long before the individual has had a day a court. While an arrest on drunk driving charges does not mean the person is guilty, concern about the possibility of a conviction is only natural. That's particularly true as a conviction may lead to fines and suspended driving privileges along with difficulties to get to work to earn a living.

True facts will frame criminal defense in reckless conduct case

Defense counsel will often have to contend with two or more different versions of the events surrounding an alleged crime. The correct version of the facts must always be an object of criminal defense counsel's investigation due to the importance of the facts in fashioning a strong defense. The facts are also important in a guilty plea because they may assist the court in determining an appropriate sentence pursuant to New Hampshire law.

Feds require electric and hybrid vehicles to make noise

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it will now require hybrid and electric light-duty vehicles to make noise to alert and protect pedestrians. Pedestrians, especially those who are blind or have low vision, often rely on sound to approximate the direction, presence, and location of moving vehicles. The NHTSA believes that this new requirement will prevent more than 2,000 pedestrian injuries every year. 

Pedestrians hurt in car accidents may be able to collect damages

New Hampshire is generally a state with many joggers and bicycle riders using the public ways. Car accidents involving pedestrians are a steady source of personal injuries to pedestrians in the state. In Bedford, a 16-year-old driver recently struck and seriously injured two men who were out on a routine morning run. According to police, the driver's vehicle had damage to its front hood area and to the windshield.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for alleged heroin dealer

The New Hampshire State Police recently announced that they stopped and arrested an out-of-state drug dealer on Route 125. The 25-year-old man, reportedly from a neighboring state, was stopped by police on a purported traffic violation. Police say that they examined the man and the vehicle after he refused to identify himself, which ultimately led to drug charges relating to heroin.

Elderly state lawmaker needs criminal defense to recent charges

New Hampshire voters can be excessively tolerant with respect to some office holders. They recently re-elected an 85-year-old man who had sustained his second arrest of the year just prior to the recent election day on Nov. 8. When elected on Tuesday, he was being sought on a bench warrant for not showing up in court. He now must prepare a criminal defense to the charges and respond to a separate civil matter.

Man claiming to be a vampire arrested on charged felonies

New Hampshire may still be recovering from the Halloween season with several bizarre events ending up on local police blotters. The latest incident involves felonies charges against a man who allegedly attacked two women employees of a grocery store. When apprehended, he told police that he was a vampire.

Consult a workers' compensation attorney to prove a concussion

It may be that more people are suffering concussions these days, judging from the increased news coverage that these injuries are now receiving, particularly in sports injuries. However, concussions -- i.e., traumatic brain injuries -- are probably being noticed more today than in the past, simply due to our increased communications technology and a growing body of more precise scientific evidence. There has been an increase, for example, of concussions reported at work, thus making them a growing topic in the legal practice of workers' compensation law both here in New Hampshire and nationwide.

Police: 4 charged with robbery felonies, 1 of them with resisting

Criminal defense attorneys in New Hampshire and other states are accustomed to seeing resisting arrest as an add-on charge when there has been physical contact with the defendant during the arrest. When charging the defendant with felonies, the police may tack on a resisting arrest charge where they anticipate complaints of police brutality. In that instance, a good defense is accomplished by initiating a strong offense.

Liability for injuries in car accidents depends on negligence

The most difficult accident to see is the one where the most seriously injured victims are totally innocent of any carelessness or wrongdoing. Car accidents in New Hampshire come in all varieties and degrees of seriousness, just as in any other state. In all states, the defining parameters of liability are based on the negligence of the respective drivers. Although comparative negligence now divides liability into shares based on the drivers' respective degrees of negligence, there are some multi-car accidents that are caused by one operator only.

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