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October 2016 Archives

Premises liability claims filed for victims of teen club shooting

The key to a recovery in a premises liability claim in New Hampshire or elsewhere is usually the issue of foreseeability. The plaintiff will have a reasonable chance of recovering on a premises liability claim if it can be proved that the owner and/or operator had knowledge of the dangerous condition or reasonably should have known of it. This must be followed with proof of the owner's failure to use due care to protect or warn the patrons.

Local police charge man with felonies regarding computer ad

The internet continues to be a rich source of criminal arrests by New Hampshire authorities in connection with alleged sexual offenses. The arrests, however, often bring up potential defenses unique to the special characteristics of the media involved. One man, for example, was recently arrested by New Hampshire authorities and charged with felonies involving the use of his computer for illegal purposes.

Car accidents on I-93 leave at least 1 dead after rear-end crash

The tragic taking of life on New Hampshire highways continues at a pace that is unnerving to most safe drivers in the state. The horror of lives lost when there is no good reason is difficult to shake off for many people. Car accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities are almost always events that could have been avoided by safe, focused driving by one or more motorists.

Teacher faces felonies for having drugs on school property

For a number of years, most high schools in New Hampshire and across the country have had a zero tolerance policy for drugs in schools. While this is intended to impress upon students the seriousness of drug and alcohol use, such lessons may also extend to the faculty and staff. A local high school teacher may be facing numerous felonies stemming from reports that she was using drugs on campus.

Drug charges: Teacher released on bond after felony charge

Facing felony charges can have an enormous impact on the personal and professional lives of teachers in New Hampshire and elsewhere. When the charges are drug-related, the accused individuals will likely need skilled legal representation without delay. A 54-year-old Keene High School teacher is currently on a personal recognizance bond after an arrest on a charge of falsifying physical evidence in an alleged attempt to avoid drug charges.

Addressing issues associated with drunk driving charges

In New Hampshire and all other states, it is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content level exceeding the legal limits. Anyone charged with drunk driving will no doubt face numerous challenges as the situation unfolds in court. With appropriate counsel and guidance, it is often possible to minimize the potential negative impact such circumstances may have on one's future.

Lawmakers who bought and smoked pot not arrested on drug charges

The use of marijuana by members of all walks of society has been increasingly revealed as the movement to legalize recreational use continues apace throughout the nation. New Hampshire investigators have decided not to arrest four state legislators on drug charges despite what appears to be evidence that they purchased and used pot. They are implicated in purchasing marijuana from a fifth person who has since been arrested on unrelated drug offenses and on a charge of luring a minor for sex.

More drug charges and arrests questioned by critics of state fund

The distribution of state grants to several New Hampshire law enforcement units to arrest heroin dealers has raised the issue of whether this is more of the same or whether arrests of drug dealers must continue unabated at this crucial time. Everyone in the state and the nation for that matter are aware of an opioid crisis that is rattling families from all walks of life due to a skyrocketing rate of deaths from overdoses. However, the passage of state funding to beef up drug dealer arrests and more drug charges for the system to process has been challenged by many critics, including some in the state legislature.

Careless pedestrian may collect damages in some car accidents

Pedestrians are always vulnerable to danger when they walk on the roadways at night in what is often poor visibility. Car accidents involving pedestrians in New Hampshire and elsewhere are characteristically perplexing when it comes to determining liability. In the case of serious personal injury or death of a pedestrian from a vehicular accident, the personal injury attorney may face a daunting task in proving liability and obtaining a settlement for the client.

New Hampshire criminal defense teams may benefit from new program

The judicial system is often criticized for being slow and backlogged. Those anticipating a speedy trial may be frustrated at waiting for evidence reports that often are not passed to a defendant's attorney until after a district court hearing. Recently, a county in New Hampshire has developed a new program to increase efficiency in many criminal defense cases.

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