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Look, a Charizard! Pokémon Go frenzy leads to car accidents.

In theory, it seems like a great idea. Kids these days are obsessed with their mobile devices. Why not create an app that has kids going outside? Have them download a game that has them searching through their communities and rewarded when they reach certain destinations?

Sounds fun, right? Apparently, it is. Pokémon Go has exploded into the mobile scene and people throughout the country are joining in on the adventure. The adventure can take them all over the place. It is not uncommon to look outside and see people walking, biking or driving with their eyes on their phones - looking to find a Bulbasaur, Charizard or Jiggleypuff.

Unfortunately, a lack of common sense has ensued. Seeing as many people are wondering, biking and driving around without paying attention to where they are going, it is not surprising that joining this adventure has result in a number of Pokémon Go related accidents.

Teenagers and young adults are getting behind the wheel of their cars and racing throughout the city in pursuit of the next Pokémon. In an effort to become a Pokémon master, these game players are not only breaking laws designed to keep the roadways safe but are also causing accidents.

Some accidents are relatively minor. One young man drove his car directly into a tree while in pursuit of a Pokémon character. No one was injured in this accident, but others are not as lucky.

Those who are injured because another was distracted by this game are likely eligible for compensation to help cover the costs resulting from the accident. This can include medical bills, rehabilitative expenses and lost wages. Contact an attorney to discuss your options.

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