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July 2016 Archives

Purchase uninsured coverage in case of serious car accidents

Although New Hampshire does not have a mandatory requirement for drivers to have automobile insurance, those drivers must prove that they can cover the costs of damages related to an accident. While having insurance coverage is a prudent idea, some people either refuse to obtain or cannot afford insurance. When car accidents occur, the failure to have liability insurance can cause innocent and injured victims a great deal more suffering and sacrifice than what they could have possibly expected.

Drug charges may follow car crashing into New Hampshire home

As soon as a New Hampshire individual has reason to believe he or she is being investigated for criminal charges, it may be wise to be proactive and seek legal counsel. With legal guidance, the person can be prepared for what might follow if he or she is arrested on, for example, drug charges, and also what legal options will be available for the particular circumstances. Such steps may be appropriate for a New Hampshire resident on whose property police recently discovered what they suspected to be a marijuana growing operation.

Car accidents: Hit-and-run driver located after fatal crash

Leaving an accident scene in New Hampshire without rendering aid to those who may need help is a violation of the law. However, reports about drivers who are responsible for car accidents and then fleeing the crash scenes are not uncommon. This complicates the claims process should victims want to pursue recovery of damages.

Drug charges may indicate the need for rehabilitation program

The New Hampshire State Police issued a press statement reporting the recent arrest in the state capital of a Lakes Region woman on drug charges after they entered her home with a search warrant. The arrest, which occurred on July 12, involved drug charges pertaining to the alleged sale of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine and possession of Suboxone. Apparently, the narcotics and investigations unit had "eyed" the defendant for a single event of the sale of meth and had allegedly executed a search warrant accordingly.

Premises liability is based on negligence principles

The widow and son of a man beaten to death in the parking lot of an NFL football team is suing the football team for not providing appropriate security for the man while he was leaving the game and trying to find his car in the parking lot. The decedent mistakenly got into the wrong SUV and was attacked by a crowd of people, including the owner of the vehicle. This type of an action for monetary damages is called a premises liability claim in New Hampshire and all other states.

Look, a Charizard! Pokémon Go frenzy leads to car accidents.

In theory, it seems like a great idea. Kids these days are obsessed with their mobile devices. Why not create an app that has kids going outside? Have them download a game that has them searching through their communities and rewarded when they reach certain destinations?

Penalties for drug possession may vary by state

Although certain types of illicit drug activities are considered federal offenses, many infractions fall under the jurisdiction of state law. Penalties, if convicted of drug possession, vary by state; therefore, any person accused of such crimes will want to seek clarification of existing laws before facing charges in court. Consultation with experienced criminal defense counsel is typically an easy way to obtain such information.

Exploring options for white collar crime defense

Being accused of a white collar crime is often a serious matter. A person's private and business reputation may be on the line, even before a trial has been conducted. Merely being named in an investigation is sometimes all it takes to cause long-lasting, negative repercussions. There are often various options for building a strong defense against such charges, and anyone facing allegations will want to explore all resources that may be available.

Defendants can minimize the impact of drunk driving charges

Drivers accused of being intoxicated behind the wheel often face a system that feels as though it is working against them. Drunk driving charges in New Hampshire can range from misdemeanors to felonies, may be considered aggravated and can even be based upon how many times an individual has been arrested on previous DWI allegations. However, virtually all defendants suspected of operating a vehicle while intoxicated will have to deal with possibly losing their licenses.

Car accidents with a rear-end collision usually go one way

The liability of drivers involved in vehicular accidents in New Hampshire and other jurisdictions is sometimes determined by what are generally called the "rules of the road." These are basic principles of vehicle operation that help determine which driver was at fault or more at fault for purposes of evaluating liability in car accidents. In some cases, rules of the road are incorporated into the statutory laws of a state.  

Drug charges are leveled against two men sought on warrants

When police officers accompany child welfare workers to check out the well-being of a child, may they search the home? May they arrest the occupants on drug charges? The answer may depend on a number of factors under New Hampshire and federal law.

Drug charges against driver exiting festival may be defensible

What are the chances that a man leaving a marijuana advocacy festival in New Hampshire would be speeding right after leaving the festival? It would seem not very great. A state trooper, however, asserts that is exactly why he stopped the man on Route 134 in New Sharon just after he had left the festival in Starks. The trooper eventually arrested the man for drug charges and refusing arrest.

Boating accident leads to drunk driving charge

In New Hampshire the offenses and penalties for driving under the influence of a car and a boat are in general very similar. In a very recent boating accident, the New Hampshire Marine Patrol arrested a man for drunk driving and felony boating while intoxicated. This is the equivalent of driving while under the influence, but it is elevated to a felony due to an injury occurring as a result of the drunk operation of the boat.

Pop quiz: What's the biggest distraction while driving?

Drivers need to focus on the road to operate their vehicles safely. A young child could run out in the street, another car could veer into your lane, a light may suddenly change red. Any number of dangers can trigger an accident in a matter of seconds.

One or more felonies charged in bank strangling incident

The New Hampshire criminal law is generally similar to criminal codes in other states. Criminal assault charges can be felonies or misdemeanors, with incarceration always a risk, depending on the circumstances. An arrest in Salem on July 1 of a woman on several assault charges contained at least one charge that was a felony.

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