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May 2016 Archives

Man defends felonies charged in shooting of two officers

News reports indicate that the man being held in the attempted murder of two New Hampshire police officers has suffered from schizophrenia for many years. In a prior incident of violence, he was apparently suffering from schizophrenic episode when he beat his father in 2012. In the current case, he was charged with attempted murder felonies after shooting the two officers while they were chasing him because he fit the description of an armed robbery suspect.

Overdoses lead to serious drug charges against drug dealers

The Attorney General of New Hampshire has mounted an aggressive battle against drug dealers whose customers die of overdoses. Although the drug charges filed against alleged dealers are not as serious as a murder charge, it can potentially mean a life sentence for the defendant. According to critics, the problem with the beefed-up policy is that drug dealers in most instances are also addicts who need rehabilitative healthcare.

Charges of felonies or misdemeanors can fail after 40-year wait

It would seem unlikely that a 74-year-old teacher who was named Teacher of the Year in 1992 could be arrested in 2016 for allegedly assaulting a teenage boy over 40 years ago at his former school, the exclusive Phillips Exeter Academy. The defendant recently turned himself in to New Hampshire authorities to face charges relating to the sexual assault allegations, which are listed as misdemeanors and not felonies. He was an admissions officer at the school back in 1973 when the events allegedly occurred.

Man guilty on one of several felonies seeks bail pending appeal

When a defendant is convicted at trial of criminal violations in New Hampshire or another state, he or she may request release on bail pending an appellate court appeal. The permission to do so is discretionary with the trial court judge. In most instances of a conviction on felonies after trial, however, the trial judge believes firmly enough in the verdict that allowing bail pending an appellate court appeal is rarely granted.

Several drug charges alleged against persons arrested in Nashua

The Nashua Police announced that seven people were recently arrested for various crimes under New Hampshire law. The charges were primarily drug charges or allegations of other activities related to drug matters. However, it doesn't seem that the alleged violations for each person are related in any way.

New Hampshire legal process regarding drug charges

Being accused of illicit drug activity in New Hampshire can be challenging and even intimidating. If convicted of drug charges, the penalties can be quite severe. A person may face extended time in prison, in addition to substantial monetary fines. For this and many other reasons, it is crucial to build as strong a defense as possible.

2 Pembroke residents arrested on drug charges

After an undercover operation that lasted several months, police recently arrested two New Hampshire residents from Pembroke. Both are now facing felony drug charges, including dealing in controlled substances (cocaine) and also criminal liability for another person's conduct. According to authorities, the investigation kicked off in the latter half of December.

Improper passing is a common cause of head-on car accidents

One of the most hazardous moves a driver can take is to pass a slow car on a two-lane road that consists of only one lane in each direction. There is always the risk that after the operator has moved into the left lane there will be oncoming traffic. These situations often result in car accidents, mainly because it is not always easy for drivers to know whether there is traffic coming in the other direction. A recent New Hampshire accident occurring in that manner resulted in one death and two serious injuries.

Men not without criminal defense in Canaan prostitution arrests

Prostitution arrests of men in New Hampshire have not been a major focus for law enforcement officers. The police chief of Canaan, however, decided to open that grim book in his tiny town of 4,000 residents by sending undercover cops online to pose as prostitutes. They lured the men with inviting ads that caused the men to allegedly offer money for sex. They made at least four arrests by the time the dust had begun to settle, but it appears that the men are not without a criminal defense to the charges.

Drunk driving charge filed against driver with suggestive shirt

From 2003 through 2012, 399 deaths in New Hampshire involved a drunk driver, according to federal statistics. The state's laws on drunk driving are therefore intended to be tough and to prevent offenders from repeat violations. One recent arrest involved a 29-year-old man arrested by Kensington Police on allegations of impaired driving.

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