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March 2016 Archives

Indictment for felonies dismissed by judge in New Hampshire

There are many different reasons why a federal judge in New Hampshire may decide to dismiss a criminal case. Some cases are dismissed because of new information revealed through scientific analysis. Other dismissals may be connected to plea agreements offered by the prosecution, which seems to be the case in a recent felonies indictment dismissal issued by a U.S. District Court judge.

When is bare-bones insurance for car accidents be acceptable?

One of the costs for the privilege of being able to drive a car in this country is that the driver must get car insurance. This is necessary to cover driver's own expenses in a crash and to pay for the injuries suffered by an innocent victim. The duty to pay compensation for other persons' injuries and property damage from car accidents is called legal liability.

Police suspect drunk driving in fatal New Hampshire accident

It would certainly be tragic to have been behind the wheel in a vehicle involved in an accident that proved fatal to a passenger. One can only imagine the grief and devastation experienced by a driver in such dire circumstances. There have been instances of similar accidents in New Hampshire that have led to motorists facing drunk driving charges in court, no doubt intensifying the stress of the situation.

Identifying options re drunk driving charges in New Hampshire

 New Hampshire motorists may not anticipate the life-changing consequences they will face if charged with alcohol-related offenses while traveling. In some instances, drunk driving charges prove to be inappropriate to the situation and are dropped. Other times, however, when a person has chosen to get behind the wheel after imbibing, the result may be that an accident occurs and an arrest is made.

What kind of motorcycle helmet should I buy?

In our last post we began a discussion about motorcycle helmets. In our state, motorcycle helmets are not mandatory, but most readers can understand that a helmet can be a great way to keep yourself protected during an accident. Although many riders feel confident in their ability to avoid being involved in an accident, we can never be too sure about what another driver is going to do. When someone decides to drink and drive or is distracted by texting, there may be no way to predict the outcome.

Drugs illegally seized by police, drug felonies dismissed

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures, both in New Hampshire and nationwide. A search of one's private property can only be made upon probable cause pursuant to a duly issued search warrant. When the police make a search and seize contraband without probable cause and a search warrant, a defendant may move the court to suppress the evidence. With the evidence suppressed, the prosecution is often unable to prosecute the felonies or other crimes charged against the defendant, and the charges may ultimately be dismissed.

Car accidents: Driver suffers cardiac arrest after head-on crash

A 46-year-old man from another state recently lost his life on Route 3 in Holderness. New Hampshire police reported that this was one of many similar car accidents in which one driver crosses into the lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction. The collision apparently occurred shortly after midday on a recent Thursday in early March.

Seeking an attorney’s help does not point to guilt

A lot of people in New Hampshire and across the country get their legal knowledge from shows like Law & Order. While these are very interesting shows that cover a wide range of criminal and legal topics, it’s important to remember that they are fictional.

Protecting a child facing charges stemming from property crimes

Young people make mistakes, there is no denying that. Teenagers in particular have the proclivity for getting in trouble. They take risks, make some unwise decisions, break the rules and test boundaries because they often don't know better and fail to fully appreciate the consequences of such actions.

Self-driving Google car collides with bus

When two individuals are involved in a car accident, it may be important to establish fault, especially if one or both of the individuals suffered serious injuries. Understanding liability as it relates to a car accident can help an individual understand his or her options when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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