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What does a premises liability incident look like?

When we think about premises liability accidents it’s easy to consider this time of year. Snowy and icy conditions can sometimes be disastrous when it comes to injuries. Any of our readers who have ever slipped on an icy sidewalk can understand that the injuries can sometimes go far beyond just a bruised ego. A serious fall can result in broken bones, head injuries and long-term back problems. If the person who falls is elderly, the outcome can be far worse.

While we expect our city maintenance crews to take care of the snowy and slippery roads so we can continue to commute, we also have to keep our private business entities and homeowners accountable. These property owners have to take reasonable precautions in order to make sure that their property is not hazardous. If a property owner knew his or her property had a hazard or should have known, and that hazard caused someone’s injuries, they may be liable for those injuries.

While we may initially only consider icy sidewalks that a property owner forgot to clean up, there are actually many circumstances that could lead to slip-and-fall accidents or other premises liability incidents. For example, someone may get stuck in an elevator for a prolonged period of time due to a lack of maintenance, someone may slip on spilled food in a grocery store that was not cleaned up for hours, or someone may even get mugged in a parking ramp that is in an area known to be dangerous.

If you have been injured on another person’s property, consider discussing your case with an attorney. The attorney can help you understand your case from a legal perspective and present you with possible options.

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