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What actions may result in a truck accident?

Many big-rigs travel through the state of New Hampshire every day. Drivers on the road typically know to avoid driving too closely to these vehicles and to drive defensively when around them. Unfortunately, accidents between passenger vehicles and 18-wheelers happen every year, leading to severe injuries and deaths.

The at-fault party in these types of accidents may vary. A truck driver could be doing everything right and still end up in an accident with a driver who is not following safety laws. On the other hand, big-rig drivers have been at-fault in many accidents, sending innocent bystanders to the hospital.

For example, a big-rig driver may be on the road with limited experience. The company he or she works for may not have provided proper training before sending the driver out for deliveries. On the other hand, the driver may be experienced but under a lot of pressure to meet unrealistic deadlines. This may cause the driver to drive recklessly and speed in unsafe conditions. Finally, the driver may be dealing with severe fatigue from being on the road too long.

Although you may not be able to avoid getting into an accident with a truck driver who is dealing with one of the above situations, there are things you can do as a driver to help avoid an accident.

Keep your eyes out for trucks on the road and try to avoid driving between them. Stay out of the driver’s No-Zones, which are areas that the driver cannot see or in which he or she may have limited visibility. Make sure to merge onto a road in such a way that doesn’t cause a truck driver to have to suddenly slow down. Also be careful with how you pass a truck. Make sure to leave plenty of room between you and the large vehicle.

While it’s important to do everything you can on your end to avoid an accident with a big-rig, it may not always be possible if the truck driver is acting negligently.

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