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February 2016 Archives

Nun faces charge after car accident in parking lot

When we hear about people being arrested in relation to car accidents, we often hear about drunk drivers and repeat offenders. There are obvious a lot of generalizations and stereotypes that come with individuals who are facing criminal charges. But in many cases, the person facing the charges is someone who has never been in trouble with the law.

A criminal defense attorney can help you defend your case

When an individual gets charged with a crime and knows he or she is innocent, that person may feel that they do not need a criminal defense attorney to prove their innocence. Unfortunately, time and time again we’ve heard of situations where innocent people get wrongfully convicted of some of the worst crimes. If a person can be wrongfully convicted for something as severe as a murder, our readers can understand how someone may be wrongfully convicted of a minor crime.

What does a premises liability incident look like?

When we think about premises liability accidents it’s easy to consider this time of year. Snowy and icy conditions can sometimes be disastrous when it comes to injuries. Any of our readers who have ever slipped on an icy sidewalk can understand that the injuries can sometimes go far beyond just a bruised ego. A serious fall can result in broken bones, head injuries and long-term back problems. If the person who falls is elderly, the outcome can be far worse.

What are my rights during an arrest? (PART 2)

In our last post we started a discussion on an individual's rights as they relate to an arrest. For most individuals, facing an arrest can be terrifying. The stress of the process can make some individuals lash out at police officers, which is not recommended. On the other end of the spectrum, some individuals may try to be overly friendly and say a lot more than they should due to nervousness.

What are my rights during an arrest? (PART 1)

While we may hear about all kinds of police procedures on shows like "Law & Order," when the matter hits close to home, some New Hampshire residents may not really know what is true and what is false. Can I resist an arrest? Can I say no to a search? Do police officers always need a search warrant? Do I need to talk to the police officers, and if I don't, will that make things worse for me? These are all questions that may cross your mind if you are facing an arrest.

What actions may result in a truck accident?

Many big-rigs travel through the state of New Hampshire every day. Drivers on the road typically know to avoid driving too closely to these vehicles and to drive defensively when around them. Unfortunately, accidents between passenger vehicles and 18-wheelers happen every year, leading to severe injuries and deaths.

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