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All drug charges demand immediate attention

Facing drug charges in New Hampshire is a very serious event. In a recent post, we discussed some of the state's laws regarding heroin. While that is only one drug that can lead to criminal charges, it is a good example of what a person facing drug charges might have to deal with.

Be careful driving on the road this fall

Fall is a beautiful time to be in New Hampshire, as the leaves are turning and become particularly beautiful in October. Fall, however, also comes with some elevated risks for drivers as weather conditions become more and more unpredictable. You might be out driving on a beautiful afternoon when it suddenly turns cold and rainy. The days are shorter too, which means that you will be more likely to drive in darkness on your way to work in the morning and on your way home in the evening.

What are New Hampshire laws regarding heroin?

Heroin addiction is a horrible addiction that can claim lives and destroy families. The laws in New Hampshire regarding this powerful narcotic are very strict. It is vital that anyone who is facing heroin charges fully understand the severity of the charges they are facing.

You deserve compensation after a workplace accident

Workers' compensation should be there when you need it. You work hard at your job, and you need to know that you'll be able to continue living as you have in the past if you're ever hurt. On top of that, if you get critically injured and die from a workplace injury, the survivor's benefit is meant to help take care of your family.

Roadway construction accidents: Moving vehicles

Construction can be a dangerous occupation regardless of the site or type of work being done, but roadway construction comes with a hazard not part of some other sites. Construction workers on the road not only deal with moving construction vehicles, but they also deal with vehicles on the roadway. While workers and employers can't always control how drivers act in a construction zone, they can follow some guidelines to increase safety on the job.

Types of federal courts

In some cases, felonies might be heard in federal courts, especially during any type of appeal process. Among other things, federal courts hear cases related to whether the law or legal actions are constitutional, which is sometimes a basis of a criminal appeal.

You deserve compensation after a car accident

You may have been driving down the road safely when someone else made an error that resulted in your injuries, or perhaps you were stopped at a traffic light when you were hit. Whatever happened to cause your accident, when another person is at fault, it's important to make him or her pay for your injuries and the damage to your vehicle.

What are some ways to defend against theft charges?

When someone has accused you of theft, there are numerous possible criminal defense strategies that exist. Exactly how your defense strategy is crafted depends on unique factors such as the evidence in the case, a history of criminal convictions on either your part or the accuser's part, and the history of the local court in dealing with such cases. Because you can't know all of these things yourself, working with a professional can help you craft a stronger defense.

Student charged under computer seduction law

A case involving rape charges at a New Hampshire prep school wrapped up recently. The defendant was found guilty of two charges in the case: a charge of having sex with someone who is underage and a charge of seduction via computer communications. The former charge is a misdemeanor, the latter a felony.

Defending against drug crimes allegations in New Hampshire

Getting arrested for drug crimes happens to New Hampshire residents a lot more often than you might think. Indeed, just because you have not heard of anyone in your social circle being arrested for such crimes, does not mean that it hasn't happened. People arrested and accused of crimes tend to keep such matters private, so maybe you just simply didn't hear about it.

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