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Seek the compensation you need after falling on a premises

Slipping and falling may seem like it's just a part of life, but if you slip and fall on the premises of a business or local residence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Legally, slip-and-fall accidents fall under premises liability lawsuits, and they can be launched against any party who owns or cares for a property and is negligent, leading to injury.

Keep your cool when charged with any crime

What do you think we tell people who have been charged with a crime in New Hampshire? What is the first thing that they should do? Rather than talking to them about the actual legal process or what steps they have to take, we give them one key piece of advice: Just don't panic.

Can you drink in a car if you aren't driving?

Most readers know that you can't drink alcohol in a car while you are driving. In fact, you shouldn't drive even if you've been drinking just before getting in the car. But what about the other of-age adults in your vehicle? Can others enjoy alcoholic beverages while you drive them around?

Are scaffolds a danger to construction workers?

Employees working in a construction environment are often faced with scaffolding. Whether scaffolds are just a backdrop to work on the ground or you are climbing the scaffolds for work in the rafters, accidents can occur. While following safety rules do help reduce the chance of scaffold accidents, even workers who are diligent about safety can experience injuries in the workplace.

Prove you were the victim, not the aggressor, in an assault case

Being accused of assaulting someone isn't easy to deal with. You may automatically feel the need to explain what happened and to defend your side of the story, but remember that it's important not to say anything that could incriminate you.

Are warrantless searches of a vehicle legal?

Seeing the flashing lights of a police vehicle behind your vehicle is enough to make anyone feel stressed out. For some people, seeing those lights is more worrisome because they are worried about having to deal with police officers requesting to do a vehicle search, such as a search for illegal drugs. It is vital for all drivers to have a full understanding of when police officers can search your vehicle without a warrant.

The impact of mandatory minimums

For some drug offenses, mandatory minimums come into play. These laws mean that judges do not have nearly as much power as they would have in other cases, but have to follow the minimums, no matter what they think is best. This can have a huge impact on a case. Below are two examples of how these minimums can lead to unexpected sentences.

Fourth Amendment protections and exclusions

One of the first things people turn to when it comes to police officers doing searches and seizures is the Fourth Amendment. This amendment to the Constitution provides very specific rights for Americans; however, there are also certain exclusions to those protections. Learning about this amendment can help you if you are ever subjected to a search or seizure.

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