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Premises liability claims in New Hampshire

Injurious slip-and-fall incidents fall under the category of premises liability law. New Hampshire property owners have a duty to keep their properties free of unreasonable dangers to those who visit their properties. If a property owner's failure to keep his or her property safe results in an injury, the injured person may have the ability to seek financial damages against the property owner in court.

Drug charges stem from 'hands free' traffic stop

The "hands free" laws that just went into action in New Hampshire say that drivers are not allowed to use mobile devices while behind the wheel. This is meant to crack down on texting and driving and other such distractions. For one 29-year-old woman from Manchester, though, it could lead to far more serious charges.

Felonies versus misdemeanors: important negotiation distinctions

When dealing with criminal defense situations, understanding the difference between felonies and misdemeanors is critical. The difference in how crimes are classified makes an enormous difference in the consequences you might face if you are convicted.

What are your fifth and sixth amendment rights?

Under the United States Bill of Rights, every individual citizen is protected by certain rights. In criminal defense cases, some specific rights are afforded to citizens by both the fifth and sixth amendments. Understanding your basic rights when faced with criminal charges is a foundation to building a solid criminal defense.

Invalid exam could throw out DUI cases

Some officers in New Hampshire were apparently given an invalid exam, and it could mean that a number of DUI convictions are in danger of being thrown out. This news came from the state's attorney general's office. While the exact number of convictions that could be jeopardized has not been released, some estimates are in the dozens.

Examining car accidents on a state-by-state basis

Everyone knows that there are a few common reasons for car accidents all across the United States. Frequent causes that are cited are drinking and driving, texting while behind the wheel and speeding. In order to properly see how these reasons impact people in different areas, a map of the United States was recently created that laid out the top reason for fatal accidents in each state.

Defending New Hampshire residents against DWI and DUI charges

A DWI or DUI charge will affect your life seriously, no matter if you are convicted or not. Indeed, New Hampshire drivers could lose their driving privileges simply because they were arrested and accused of DUI, but before they have actually been convicted.

Fire chief from New Hampshire ends up behind bars

A fire chief from New Hampshire was accused of embezzling money, and he has recently pleaded guilty. According to the plea, the amount taken was in excess of $200,000. He has now been told he has to pay the money back, and he is also going to have to spend at least three years in jail.

2 arrested after police approach disabled vehicle, find drugs

Police reportedly responded to a disabled vehicle that was in the roadway and found three men who appeared to be intoxicated or under the influence of a drug. The police further investigated the scene and the individuals, resulting in the arrest of two of the men involved. The men were reportedly charged with possession of drugs.

What is the Federal Employers Liability Act?

The Federal Employers Liability Act is a federal law established in 1908 to help provide financial protection for railroad workers who are injured on the job. Individuals who work for, on or near railways and rail yards across the nation are still protected under FELA today.

What costs may a landlord need to cover?

As a renter in New Hampshire, have you been hurt while in your apartment, and do you believe the landlord was at fault? Maybe there was a clear danger -- like a loose banister along the stairs -- and the landlord neglected to fix it. Maybe there were issues that neither you nor the landlord knew had to be fixed, but you believe he or she, as the owner of the property, should have known about them.

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