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What are infractions, misdemeanors and felonies?

Crimes are usually categorized into infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. Infractions, which include fines or traffic tickets, are not even usually considered crimes -- certainly, society does not see these actions as criminal in nature. Misdemeanors are considered criminal in nature, but they are usually less serious than felonies and come with less severe consequences.

Cellphone records lead to increased charges

Individuals who are arrested on one type of charge can find themselves facing additional or bigger charges because of information uncovered during the investigation of the first charge. For one New Hampshire man, such a situation occurred, leading to an indictment that could lead to life in prison if the man is convicted.

How can I keep my children safe from pedestrian accidents?

Child pedestrians are young, inexperienced and they are often inattentive, which can be a recipe for disaster on Rochester's roadways. As such, every parent's duty is to educate his or her children on appropriate safety strategies, and one area that parents should remember to cover is how to stay safe from getting involved in a car accident.

Pollution case decision may eliminate liability for food company

One of the reasons it's important that victims choose a skilled, experienced advocate to help them recover from harm on someone's premises is that it can become complex. Many defendants and legal issues to be resolved in court may surface. When the harm comes from toxic exposure, more often than not, this is a likely scenario.

Studying common causes of workplace injury

You can suffer from serious back pain in a New Hampshire workplace without having any sort of notable incident. Just sitting in the same position in an uncomfortable chair, day after day, can lead to chronic pain. This is why companies need to use ergonomics programs to study the workplace and reduce the chances of injury.

Heroin - dangerous, but a growing epidemic in New Hampshire

One of the most addictive and dangerous drugs in the illicit market is heroin. Most people are familiar with the name, but they might not realize it can be snorted and smoked as well as injected. Authorities have found more people are willing to try it when they don't have to use a needle. It isn't regulated, of course, so it's more dangerous than prescription opiates. Quality, dosage and added ingredients can contribute to overdose and death. It has no accepted medical use, high potential for abuse and severe addictive qualities.

Dogs are among the top stolen items many people don't expect

When many people think about theft in New Hampshire, they think of the theft of cash or expensive items from within the home, such as televisions, guns or computers. However, there are a number of items that are stolen very often that most people don't expect, and the family dog ranks very highly on that list.

Criminal defense: Appealing to the humanity of the prosecution

It can be very stressful getting charged with a crime, especially if you have never experienced criminal proceedings before. That's why at the Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates, one of our primary focuses when working with a client involves helping them deal with their fears and stress relating to the criminal law process.

Many workers believe asthma is caused at work

Asthma is one of those tricky disorders that impacts many people but that medical professionals do not yet fully understand. In fact, they're often up front about the fact that they're not sure precisely what causes the disorder, though it may be possible to pinpoint triggers in individual people.

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