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What is New Hampshire’s new hands free electronic device law?

There are many safety initiatives on our roads and highways today, all of which are designed to prevent or lessen the severity of motor vehicle accidents. This is an admirable goal that most folks support. A truth, however, is that people are still involved in car, truck and bus collisions on a regular basis. Even with improved safety elements, the bottom line is often found to be driver distraction caused the crash, and injured victims often seem to find ways to recover financially, physically and emotionally.

Witnesses: what is acceptable and what is not in New Hampshire

Generally speaking, criminal cases don't usually go to a full-fledged trial. There are many phases to preparing criminal defense on any charge, beginning with gaining a clear understanding of the facts from the defendant's perspective. Investigation, police report review, getting to know a defendant's personality, background and history with law enforcement and establishing the credibility of witnesses are all relevant steps in addressing allegations of criminal behavior.

The danger of small cars

Any car accident in New Hampshire can be dangerous and can lead to serious injuries, but there is one factor that you can control that may keep you safer: The size of the car you drive.

Drunk driver kills man, flees the scene

According to police, a man in New Hampshire was allegedly drunk when he caused an accident that took another man's life. The man's daughter was also injured in the crash. After the wreck, the drunk driver fled the crash scene, but police were able to find him and take him into custody.

What are scheduled substances?

While drug charges are often related to illicit substances such as marijuana or cocaine, individuals can also face drug crime allegations related to prescription drugs. Health care providers, patients and others have to be careful when handling, prescribing or using scheduled substances, as there are strict rules regarding their prescription and use.

Workers' compensation issues that develop over time

When you think of workers' compensation claims, you might think first of sudden and unplanned accidents. Falls, slips, explosions and fires are all the type of things most people think of when they consider the possibility of being injured on the job. However, there is another type of injury that is covered under workers' compensation: injuries or illnesses that develop over time.

Theft could be a misunderstanding

Are you facing theft charges in New Hampshire over something that is actually just a misunderstanding? Perhaps you had permission to go into someone's home or apartment and borrow a few items, but the person's roommates didn't know about it and called the police. Perhaps you thought you were allowed to take something home from work but only found out after doing so that your boss thought you were stealing from the company.

Felony cases could be streamlined in the future

When the process that is used in the modern era for felony cases was originally designed, the world was quite a bit different. Rather than having grand juries as needed, they were used just twice each year. Rather than riding in a car to court, the judge may have arrived on horseback or in a wagon.

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