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Workers' Compensation: table saw accidents

New Hampshire workers face numerous dangers at construction sites, and those who work with table saws are always at risk of being seriously hurt. For obvious reasons, table saws are extremely treacherous pieces of machinery.

The spinning blades of a saw can cut off a finger or a hand, or cause a deep gash and other kinds of maiming injuries, if the operator suffers a momentary lapse in focus. Saw operators could have a piece of their clothing or long hair sucked up inside the spinning blade and get pulled in to the machine and suffer a cutting injury. Furthermore, a saw that is in a state of disrepair is also unsafe, as the saw blade could come flying off.

Perhaps the saddest part about table saw injuries, though, is the fact that modern technology has rendered the vast majority of the injuries to be completely avoidable. Indeed, the safest table saws are now equipped with a modern technology that causes the blade to instantly stop spinning in the event that its metal surface makes contact with the saw operator's skin. The technology stops the saw blade so fast, in fact, that the operators of these saws will not even suffer the tiniest of cuts if they reach out to touch the spinning blade.

Eventually, it is likely that safety laws will be updated so that this life-saving technology will be a mandatory feature on construction site saws. However, that day is not here yet. In the meantime, workers can ask their employers to update the safety technology at their jobsite. If granted, the simple request could very well save the hands and fingers of numerous individuals.

At the Law Offices of Stephen C. Brown & Associates, LLC, we see a lot of construction injuries. Furthermore, we have helped numerous jobsite injury victims seek workers' compensation to pay for their temporary and permanent disabilities, in addition to benefits to pay for their medical care. It pains us every time we see a worker who was hurt because an employer failed to update workplace safety technology.

We would like to encourage all New Hampshire workers to research the latest safety equipment related to their jobs and make sure that this technology is being implemented where they work. Whether you operate a table saw, a forklift or a merry-go-round, you owe it to yourself and your coworkers to stay as safe as you possibly can.

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