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Returning to life after drunk driving charges

Often drivers don't think about getting pulled over after having a few drinks with dinner. They might not associate a couple beers or a bottle of wine with the need for criminal defense. The reality is, however, that driving while intoxicated on alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medications can result in a life-altering experience.

That's why we stress on our DWI practice page the fact that anyone charged with such a crime – and it is a crime in New Hampshire – needs a vigorous and effective defense strategy. Taking this approach can, at the very least, minimize the long-term consequences of the arrest to whatever extent may be possible. In the best case scenario, charges might be dismissed.

Society influences application of the law to some extent. Because there is a strong focus on blood alcohol levels, underage drinking and, more recently, driving while on drugs, penalties for a conviction on any of these types of charges are strict, and the legal process is stringent.

Whether the allegations are based on a single charge or multiple offenses, one of the first tasks our law firm undertakes when contacted for help is to assure that the individual's rights have been and continue to be fully protected. As with any criminal charge, a defendant accused of driving intoxicated has the right to these protections without delay. We can investigate, review police arresting procedures, evaluate any breath test results or issues and formulate the best game plan to resolve the case.

If all is in order with the details leading up to the arrest, and it is clear that circumstances will require negotiations with prosecutors, we will call on our experience and skill to lessen the likely disruption to a defendant's life. Financial responsibility for fines, loss of job, damaged reputation and fallout with family can be hard for him or her to handle. Sometimes, there are other issues, such as license suspension or ignition-locking device requirements, which might be subject to the court's discretion.

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