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What is the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program in New Hampshire?

All circumstances of cases of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence in New Hampshire need careful handling. Drunk driving charges are serious, and the legal system in our state spares no effort in pursuing prosecution. Penalties vary; minimizing them might be possible with a vigorous drunk driving defense. Heavy fines, jail and loss of driving privileges for a time are common. Another consequence might be implementation of the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program.

Carpooling and ride-sharing: The auto accident dilemma

Progress can be a great thing. Innovators and inventors come up with ideas to improve society, and people tend to respond well. Most of the time, life is made easier. Sometimes, they save money. Along with the benefits, however, as entrepreneurial schemes are fitting into communities, some questions need answering to smooth out the process. Ride-sharing liability is one that national and state regulators are addressing now.

People cause the vast majority of car accidents

By the time that 10 million car accidents have happened -- if you were to start counting right now -- you'd find that about 9.5 million of them happened due to human error. Yes, there are other contributing factors, such as mechanical failures or the recalls that always make the news, but the simple truth is that human drivers cause more crashes than anything else because people just aren't that good at driving.

Personal injury or workers' compensation claim: court to choose

Workers' compensation law can be unsettled because elements and employee context are somewhat fluid. Some situations and conditions are specifically addressed with established workers' comp benefit parameters. Others fall into a gray area that requires some application of the law to determine how to handle a unique claim. Occasionally, workers' compensation and personal injury considerations must be decided by the court.

What is discovery in a civil lawsuit or criminal defense trial?

There are some aspects of court cases that are the same regardless of the type. Civil and criminal cases, for example, are presented to New Hampshire courts in similar manners. Evidence is presented to the presiding judge or to a jury, and a decision is made resolving the case.

3 things you must know about drug charges

If you've been arrested on drug charges in New Hampshire, there are a few things you must know as the case goes forward, before you get to court. It's very important to understand all elements of the law so that you can take the proper steps when considering all of your legal options.

Understanding your rights to avoid future charges

If you are convicted of a felony in New Hampshire, your rights are going to be at risk. Even after serving your time, there may be things that will never go back to the way that they were, and you must understand how these changes work and what rights you still have so that you can avoid getting more charges in the future.

Unborn child killed in crash, leading to 9-year jail sentence

A man who used to work as an executive for PPG Industries was involved in a deadly car accident back in 2013. While driving his truck, he left his lane and crossed into opposing traffic, slamming into an oncoming vehicle. The man and woman in that vehicle, who were engaged to be married, were killed. The woman was pregnant, and her unborn baby also died in the accident.

What are the New Hampshire laws on statutory rape?

Most people understand statutory rape to mean a consensual sexual relationship that is illegal under the law because one person is a minor or if both parties involved are minors, there is too large of an age gap between them. However, each state sets its own specific laws regarding this topic, and in New Hampshire statutory rape falls under the same guidelines as felonious sexual assault.

Returning to life after drunk driving charges

Often drivers don't think about getting pulled over after having a few drinks with dinner. They might not associate a couple beers or a bottle of wine with the need for criminal defense. The reality is, however, that driving while intoxicated on alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medications can result in a life-altering experience.

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