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Potential drunk driving punishments in New Hampshire

Getting arrested on drunk driving charges in New Hampshire is not the worst thing that can happen to you, but it could result in penalties if you are convicted. For this reason, New Hampshire residents may want to familiarize themselves of the potential punishments related to a DUI conviction -- especially if they have been accused of the crime.

Video game frustration leads to assault in New Hampshire

A man in New Hampshire was frustrated while he was playing a video game, according to his own admission, and it boiled over into an assault that was targeted at his son, an infant. The man reportedly shook the young children in his anger, and the result of that shaking was liver damage. This happened not once, but twice, and the authorities have said his frustration came from that fact that one of the levels in the game was too hard for him to get past.

Winter in New Hampshire: Slip and fall accidents

It's pretty hard not to notice that we have been inundated with winter weather in our state. It brings to mind that residents must be cautious when walking on hazardous surfaces. But with snowy sidewalks, slippery steps and wet floors in stores or offices, the chances of an accident are greater than ever.

Jury charge in assault, child pornography and other felony trials

Most everyone in the United States who is protected by the Constitution is aware of the basic tenet that defendants in criminal cases are presumed to be innocent until prosecutors prove that they are guilty of the crimes. The right to a trial by jury is also understood. Jurors who hear cases, however, are often doing so for the first time. Although most of us have familiarity with the process thanks to television, movies and books, a real understanding of what is expected of jurors during the trial and how they must approach their conclusions is something that must be learned.

Must-know facts about carpal tunnel and workers' compensation

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a serious disorder that can result from the repetition of the same motion over and over again. It typically begins with tingling and numbness, but it can build up into serious pain so that you can no longer work. When this happens, you absolutely need to know what rights you may have to compensation in New Hampshire.

What should I expect during a DUI arrest?

A drunk driving arrest in New Hampshire usually goes something like the following. First, the driver is traveling down the roadway on his or her way home for the evening. Second, the driver sees flashing police lights and pulls over for the police. Third, the driver is rolling down his window and doing everything he or she can to be cooperative with the police officer.

New Hampshire man sees felony fraud charges dropped

Two brothers in New Hampshire were facing felony charges, but they have recently been dropped for one of the men. They worked together in an orthodontist's office, where one brother was the orthodontist and the other was an office manager.

Criminal defense: Taking the law to the street

Some people have a lot of experience with needing criminal defense. Other New Hampshire citizens have never seen the inside of a police booking area or jail. Whether a repeat offender needs help or it's the first time you or someone you know is charged with a crime, a properly presented defense is what might make all the difference.

Theft and property crimes in New Hampshire

Any criminal accusation can affect a family on many levels, and it can destroy the reputation of the person charged. Finances can be compromised. Jobs might be lost. An arrest for theft and property crime should never be taken lightly.

Restraining a dog on the premises in New Hampshire

When dogs are not being properly supervised and restrained, they can often be thought of as animals that are "at large" under New Hampshire law. This becomes very important if someone is then attacked by the dog and injured as a result. Typically, any dog that is on its own, rather than contained behind a fence, an electric fence or on a leash, falls into this category.

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