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Steps for impaired drivers in New Hampshire

When convicted of a DUI in New Hampshire, you may be told that you have to attend a program that addresses alcohol use and impaired driving. It is very important to note that you cannot get your driver's license back until you go through the program, and you have to follow all of the instructions and regulations carefully in order to pass.

What is premises liability?

New Hampshire residents and businesses alike should understand the basics of premises liability. Businesses should have an understanding of this point of law to understand when they may be on the hook for damages. Residents should understand how best to protect their interests should they be involved in an accident on a business premises.

How are personal rights impacted by felonies in New Hampshire?

For individuals who are convicted of a felony in New Hampshire, some personal rights can be impacted. When it comes to rights lost or maintained, the Uniform Act on Status of Convicted Persons first defines what it refers to as a felony. A person is considered a felon if convicted of any crime that warrants a sentence of imprisonment in a state or federal prison or a sentence of death.

Very different cases for theft charges

If you are facing theft charges in New Hampshire, it's important for you to know the specifics of those charges. When most people think about theft, they think of shoplifting or perhaps breaking into a home while the homeowners are away. While these are examples of theft, the reality is that there is a vast array of different situations that can lead to theft charges, and they can also lead to very different cases.

Are you trying to qualify for workers' compensation benefits?

Regardless if you are tiptoeing across a construction site 10 stories above the ground or sitting behind a computer punching out code, the majority of New Hampshire workers are covered by state-subsidized workers' compensation insurance. This means that if you are injured on the job, you might qualify to get insurance benefits to help pay for your injuries and for the time you are left unable to work. That said, there are a few hoops that the average worker must jump through in order to qualify for benefits, and sometimes, those hoops are rather difficult to navigate.

You must get workers' compensation for an on-the-job injury

Do not let an employer tell you that you cannot have workers' compensation for an injury that you suffered while on the job. According the New Hampshire Department of Labor, employers have to have this insurance in place. You should be able to get financial compensation that can help you in many different ways after you are hurt.

Criminal defense: Arrest, arraignment and probable cause

Although popular court dramas would have people believe that a case is solved, an arrest made and the trial concluded in a matter of days if not hours, the truth is this is not reality. While most criminal cases will have the same basic steps, more challenging cases may mean additional hearings and motions and a longer trial.

Safe driving is a must during New Hampshire winters

Winters in New Hampshire can be very harsh, with a lot of ice and snow on the roads. Many accidents are caused by people who do not practice safe driving in these tough conditions. Below are some tips that can get you through this winter without an incident.

DUI: The criminal defense process

When you have been charged with driving while intoxicated in the state of New Hampshire, it is normal to feel intimidated by the court process and worried about the case outcome and possible penalties. It is crucial for defendants to contact legal representation as soon as they are arrested. Drunk driving cases are aggressively prosecuted, and a conviction can have serious consequences on the defendant's personal and professional life.

Defending against New Hampshire drug charges

In the state of New Hampshire, drug crime charges are some of the most common criminal allegations that exist. These charges can range from serious to mild in terms of the severity of associated punishments. Regardless, the severity of the allegations, though, and regardless the strength of the evidence being brought against you by the prosecution, you have the right to a criminal defense.

Sentences given out for multi-state drug trafficking

Drug-related offenses can stretch all the way up the east coast, from New York to Maine, as people in nearby New Hampshire may recently have seen in the news. A drug ring in Bangor was centered around selling crack cocaine, but some of the dealers were based out of New York. They had been working with cocaine users and with other dealers in Maine, thanks to a man who helped the two sides meet up, allowing the ring to flourish.

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