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New technology: impact on distracted driving and car accidents

As in other states all across the country, New Hampshire drivers are constantly faced with distractions such as texting and calls on cellphones. Each time new technology arrives on the scene or improvements are made to supposedly make it safer to use, lawmakers and researchers get to work. The goal is admirable – driver, passenger and pedestrian safety. But how effective regulations are remains a big question. Distracted drivers create an ever-present risk of injury, property damage or worse.

Accused bank robber arraigned in Rochester

Reports are that a robber in Rochester was wearing a zebra-print dress at the time of his alleged crime. This eye-catching tidbit of information in the news may create a less serious perception of the charges filed against an alleged bank robber. Publicity surrounding a criminal arrest can be detrimental to the person who has been arrested. It can also work against the prosecution. Since each property crime is unique, portraying the facts in the best light for the defendant is important.

Workers' compensation: What are an employee's responsibilities?

Being injured on the job is not something any employee wants. However, it is a fairly common occurrence in New Hampshire and across the country. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has regulations in place to help keep workers safe, but those regulations aren't always followed.

New Hampshire premises liability claims

Slip and fall accident claims generally fall under the legal category of premises liability. Essentially, New Hampshire property owners must keep their premises reasonably free of dangers, so that visitors will not inadvertently injure themselves in an on-sight accident. If an accident does occur, and the property owner did not fulfill his or her duty to keep the premises safe, then the owner might be liable for damages.

What is the difference between petty and grand theft charges?

Those charged with theft typically hear a lot of different legal terms that they may not fully understand. This is true when it comes to understanding the difference between petty and grand theft charges. In general, the term theft covers a broad range of illegal activities, leading lawmakers to associate related terminology such as petty theft or grand theft based on the severity of the alleged crime. New Hampshire law provides the following easy-to-understand break down of theft charges.

Falls are often a preventable injury for elderly individuals

Though a slip and fall can happen to anyone, older adults are especially susceptible to falls for a number of reasons. From reduced balance to the need to use canes or assistive devices, older individuals may find it more difficult to maintain the movement of younger years. The New Jersey Department of Human Services provides some information on how individuals can prevent injuries due to falls themselves. However, in some cases, premises liability issues, such as wet floors or poorly maintained stairs, can be the culprit in a fall.

Hesitation with felony charges can lead to increased issues

Rushing into action when faced with a legal issue is never a good idea, especially when you don't have all the facts. Individuals facing criminal charges may often jump the gun on decisions because they are in frightening situations and want the fastest way out. At the same time, hesitating too long when something as serious as a felony charge is hanging over your head can also cause problems.

Man accused of sexual assault at New Hampshire Burger King

Serious charges have been leveled against a man who was employed as a manager at a Burger King in New Hampshire. According to those charges, the man used his position to sexually assault the young women -- many of them teenagers -- who worked with him at the restaurant.

Alleged hit-and-run driver arrested for driving while intoxicated

A man was arrested on charges of DUI hit-and-run in Middleton, New Hampshire. Middleton police were first contacted at approximately 4:30 p.m., after an alleged hit-and-run car accident occurred. According to a witness who saw the collision take place, a black pickup truck had slammed into a large stone wall.

What are the penalties for cocaine possession in New Hampshire?

As with all drug offenses, the answer to this question depends upon factors such as the location where the defendant was arrested. For example, in New Hampshire, defendants may receive harsher sentences if arrested for possession of cocaine within 1,000 of a school zone. Unlike marijuana possession, which usually incurs minor penalties, cocaine-related charges typically result in much more severe sentences regardless of the area in which the arrest was made.

Understanding options when injured on a New Hampshire road

Safety rules and regulations have come a long way over the years, as have the safety features on new vehicles. Even so, car accidents and other incidents still occur on New Hampshire roads, as they do elsewhere in the world. Understanding your options following an accident that involves damage or injury is important to protecting your future.

Facts about drunk driving in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, impaired driving occurs anytime someone is operating a vehicle at the same time that the brain is being impaired by any substance. Though impaired driving comes in many forms, one of the most common is drunk driving.

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