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New Hampshire mayor wants to shut down park due to drug overdoses

The mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire, wants to close down a public park due to a recent increase in "spice" or synthetic marijuana overdoses in the area. Last Thursday, the mayor said that closing down Bronstein park will stop individuals from using the location as a place to take drugs. He hopes that the park shutdown will limit the threat of deaths from overdoses.

The term "spice" refers to a variety of herbal blends that allows users to experience an intoxicating effect that is not very different from marijuana. Spice is sold under a lot of different names, such as K2, Yucatan Fire, fake weed, Moon Rocks, Skunk and many more. Packages of spice usually contain various shredded herbal materials along with mind-altering chemical additives. The fake marijuana is usually marketed as legal and safe alternatives to marijuana.

While the Manchester mayor has suggested the closing of the park, he does not intend for it to be closed completely. He simply wants it to only be open to students and parents associated with Manchester Central High School and its faculty. The park would be open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and anyone else discovered on its grounds will be arrested on trespassing charges. First, Manchester aldermen will need to approve the proposal before it is enforceable.

One alderman who is opposed to the proposal stated that the city's people should be permitted to enjoy the park's facilities. He said that closing it down will only push alleged drug abusers to other areas. He described it as an incomplete solution to a larger problem.

Drug enforcement efforts by New Hampshire authorities do not always result in their intended consequences. For example, it is not uncommon for New Hampshire authorities to inappropriately arrest an individual on drug charges that the person is not actually guilty of committing. Fortunately, accused individuals will have the ability to defend themselves against such allegations in court, and if they can successfully navigate their criminal defenses, they will be able to achieve a verdict of not guilty in their proceedings or get their drug charges dropped or dismissed.

Source:, "Manchester mayor proposes closing park to curb Spice problem" Ray Brewer, Aug. 22, 2014

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