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August 2014 Archives

New Hampshire mayor wants to shut down park due to drug overdoses

The mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire, wants to close down a public park due to a recent increase in "spice" or synthetic marijuana overdoses in the area. Last Thursday, the mayor said that closing down Bronstein park will stop individuals from using the location as a place to take drugs. He hopes that the park shutdown will limit the threat of deaths from overdoses.

New Hampshire man facing drug charges

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about synthetic marijuana, popularly referred to as "spice." Now, a resident of Hudson, New Hampshire, is facing felony drug charges for allegedly selling spice at his Pelham, New Hampshire, store. Many people believe that spice is a dangerous synthetic drug, and the substance has indeed been the favored topic of many media outlets in New Hampshire thanks to a health scare involving the "drug."

Do I have to report anything after a car accident?

Though it's always a good idea to call and notify your insurance company as soon as possible following a car accident, most other reporting requirements are handled by police who respond to the scene of an accident. In some cases, however, drivers in New Hampshire may decide not to call authorities in the event of an accident.

Controversy stirred over case of workers' compensation

New Hampshire and the neighboring state of New Jersey witnessed with interest the state Supreme Court ruling that the spouse of a manager at AT &T was not entitled to workers' compensation following her death, allegedly due to prolonged sedentary activity at her job.

New Hampshire's Impaired Driver Care Management Program

Individuals who are convicted of drunk driving charges in New Hampshire may face a variety of consequences. In most cases, when other charges are not relevant, the type and seriousness of the sentence depends on whether someone has been convicted of drunk driving before.

Woman arrested for drunk driving after motor vehicle accident

A woman from out of state has been taken into custody on drunk driving charges after she was involved in a traffic accident. The arrest occurred on a recent Sunday following the motor vehicle collision, which happened at approximately 11:44 a.m.

Burglary and theft charges for 2 men accused of stealing copper

Sometimes, those charged with theft and property crimes must face overwhelming hurdles, especially when the arrests come after months of police investigation. While the future does look bleak for defendants accused of these crimes, it isn't as hopeless as one might think. With a carefully built legal defense, it's possible to emerge from the allegations in a better position than when the process first began. This is something two of our Maine neighbors can hold on to as they face charges associated with stealing copper.

Could your temp job put you at risk for unsafe working conditions

According to the CEO of a staffing firm, there are temp companies that don't have the best interests of workers in mind. Because temp workers don't always fall under the same workers' compensation and other requirements as regular employees, there are those who take advantage of such employee relationships to avoid paying expensive benefits or worrying about working conditions.

New Hampshire man faces felony charges of kidnapping

Classmates of the man accused of kidnapping a female student remembered a talented artist with a penchant for sketching women in bondage. The New Hampshire man, who had attended Kennett High School, had allegedly bullied classmates, phoned in fake bomb threats and was suspected of gang affiliations. Mischief or malice, the truth cannot be known.

Market Basket protest in news again with car accident

Across New Hampshire, Market Basket locations have made the news recently for a variety of protest-related incidents. In several cases, news reports involved crimes committed around or during protests, and now the protests are making news again due to a car accident that occurred outside of a Market Basket location on July 31.

New Hampshire drunk driving arrest escalates from bad to worse

A New Hampshire man has been taken into custody on drunk driving charges. Allegedly, the man crashed his vehicle into a highway patrolman prior to his DUI arrest. The man's blood alcohol level was also allegedly over twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent at the time of his arrest.

Former New Hampshire student charged with felony sexual assault

It seems senior traditions for students of New Hampshire's prestigious St. Paul's School have taken a turn from playful pranks to a more disturbing trend. Rather than tossing rolls of toilet paper across the school's facade or spray painting a park bench, graduates appear to be pressuring each other to take on tasks that are harmful to themselves and to their peers.

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