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Motorcyclist dies after car accident in New Hampshire

Distracted drivers can cause accidents on the road, even if their eyes are averted only a moment. Even drivers who are paying attention to the road in front of them can fail to see a motorcyclist. When motorcycles are involved in car accidents, there is often a higher chance the motorcyclist will be seriously injured or killed.

New Hampshire man arrested amid grocery store protests

Some New Hampshire residents may think they'll never need a criminal defense attorney. Certainly, the risk of criminal charges are much lower if you live a law-abiding life, but that doesn't mean you'll never be accused of something you didn't do. It's also possible for otherwise law-abiding citizens to get into trouble in a moment of temper or other emotion, which might require a criminal defense if charges are involved.

Alleged drunk driver arrested for New Hampshire violations

Both passing motorists and police officers in Brentwood, a quiet New Hampshire town, claim an allegedly intoxicated young man led the authorities on a high-speed chase before eventually crashing his automobile. News reports say the chase ended when the alleged driver crashed the vehicle off of I-95 in Newburyport, Mass.

32-year-old man may face assault charges after punching incident

A 32-year-old man was recently arrested after an altercation that occurred between him and a dog owner in a nearby state. Allegedly, the suspect attacked and seriously injured a dog owner after the dog owner taunted him and accused him of stepping over his Chihuahua.

Woman in New Hampshire drug case gets new trial date

Authorities say that a woman from New Hampshire had drugs in her possession, which they then alleged she gave to a woman who is 19 years old. After taking the drugs, that woman was involved in a car accident with a group of cyclists. Two of the cyclists were killed in the accident.

Pair arrested in New Hampshire for armed robbery

There were two armed robberies in June in New Hampshire, and the Portsmouth Police Department now believes that they have the pair who were responsible. The first person that they arrested was a man who is 21 years old, and they allege that he carried out the robberies. Shortly after that, they picked up an older woman, who is 28, because they believe that she was the driver who both brought the man to the locations and then helped him get away after he had committed the crimes.

2-car accident injures 3

Police are still investigating a two car accident that left one woman seriously injured on Monday, July 7. The almost head-on crash, which occurred in Ossipee, New Hampshire, on Route 16 near Green Mountain Furniture, also injured two other people.

New Hampshire men face drug charges for alleged drug ring

Federal agents say more than a dozen men are looking at drug charges, many of them from New Hampshire, for their alleged involvement in a drug smuggling ring operated out of Canada. According to news reports, law enforcement officials arrested several people during raids in Manchester conducted on Tuesday, June 24. While the office of a U.S. attorney has declined to pinpoint the exact number of arrests, one lawyer with the office suggested some men had not yet been picked up.

Agents arrest at least 13 men in federal drug trafficking bust

As many as 13 men were recently charged with federal drug trafficking crimes. Police claim that the men were engaged in an international drug trafficking ring that extended from Canada into New Hampshire. Allegedly, the drug operation was in business for years, trafficking millions of dollars in cash, cocaine and marijuana across international lines.

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