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June 2014 Archives

Car runs into stopped traffic in New Hampshire, injures 5

Route 16 runs through Milton, New Hampshire, but a portion of it had to be closed down when a serious accident took place, injuring five different people. According to the New Hampshire State Police, only a pair of cars were involved, and the crash happened right around 3 in the afternoon.

Murder case crosses border between Maine and New Hampshire

A murder case crossed borders a number of times, involving young men from both Maine and New Hampshire. Three men have now been charged in the case, and they could face life behind bars if they are found guilty. One of those men is from Maine, while the other two are from New Hampshire.

Key murder witness breaks down on stand

The recent New Hampshire trial of a couple who allegedly plotted to murder a young woman following a proposed sexual rendezvous ended with the female suspect crying on the witness stand. According to the young woman already convicted for her involvement in the incident, her boyfriend choked and sexually violated a 19-year-old female victim in the couple's Sawyer Mill apartment.

New Hampshire teen arrested for DWI after hitting 2 pedestrians

A New Hampshire teen has been arrested on charges of aggravated DWI. Police allege that the male teenager struck two female pedestrians with his motor vehicle on a recent Thursday morning. The incident occurred in Hampton.

Couple indicted in New Hamphire for theft and property crimes

Being convicted of a serious crime like robbery or theft comes with often unimaginable and far reaching consequences. Such a decision—typically made quickly and on-the-fly—can mean the loss of freedom, family, money and reputation. Despite any evidence the prosecution team might have against those accused of theft and property crimes, defendants have the right to a fair trial.

3 people face drug charges; 2 detained on bail

Most criminal charges offer a range that allows allegations to be customized to the severity, seriousness or scope of the crime. Drug charges are often defined by the type of substance involved, the amount of substance and what individuals were doing with the substance at the time of the investigation or arrest. Three individuals in New Hampshire are facing a range of drug charges after their arrest.

Serious injury and death after truck accident in nearby state

New Hampshire residents have likely heard about the serious accident involving Tracy Morgan and other actors and comedians. The accident occurred on June 7 when a truck driver operating a Wal-Mart truck allegedly failed to reduce his speed when traffic in front of him on the road slowed.

New Hampshire troopers arrest alleged drunk driver

When New Hampshire police received a report that a driver was operating a vehicle in a hazardous manner, they acted quickly to pursue the car. They located the person traveling south on Interstate 93 in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

76-year-old dies in pedestrian-car accident

A New Hampshire pedestrian was hit by a motor vehicle in a 7-Eleven parking lot on a recent Tuesday. Tragically, reports now indicate that he did not survive his serious head injuries. Doctors reported his death the morning after the car collision occurred.

Two men arrested on felony reckless conduct at New Hampshire home

When does what happens in one's home become a felony? For many, it is often a gray area requiring clarification. Most of us as Americans are raised to believe that our home is our castle, and we can conduct ourselves as we see fit behind the safety and privacy of our walls. Two Newmarket, New Hampshire, men facing felonies for firing shots at the home of one of the men are in the process of learning that there are limits to what one can legally do at home.

Man arrested in New Hampshire on drug charges

A man from a nearby state learned recently that plans of any type -- and especially criminal plans -- can be derailed by an accident. The man was driving in New Hampshire when he fell asleep, say police. The 21-year-old man crashed his car into a telephone pole as a result.

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